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Clinton Email Contained Sensitive Information About North Korea

By on 9.2.15 | 12:27PM

Hillary Clinton has been parsing her words a lot lately, picking and choosing carefully what terms she uses so as to not be overtly incorrect. For instance, she says she never "sent" classified email, but has only on occasion admitted to receiving it, but only then, it wasn't classified when she got it (possibly, though, because she ignored the classification, but see, she didn't say that). As it happens, she may have even been correct about the "classified information," since technically, some of the product she received was actually "top secret."

Nestled among the friendly exchanges with Barbara Mikulski and requests for TV guides are several emails, according to intelligence souces, that contain information relayed from spy satellites circling over North Korea, including tracking information for North Korea's nuclear weapons. 

Sen. Barbara Mikulski Is 34th Vote “Yes” In Senate, Keeps Iran Deal Alive

By on 9.2.15 | 10:56AM

Secretary of State John Kerry went on CNN this morning to announce that the President had secured enough votes in the Senate to ensure there would be no Republican filibuster of his Iran deal. While anyone other than Christian Amanpour would have stared at the Secretary quizzically, it appears her comfortable, sympathetic and unyielding gaze was the correct approach to the Secretary's proclamation. 

The administration has, indeed, finally whipped its 34th Senate vote: Maryland's Democratic Senator (and Clinton confidante, as we learned from the released emails) Barbara Mikulski

I'm not sure what they promised her, but I hope it was worth it.

The Morning Spectacle: Midweek Madness

By on 9.2.15 | 4:00AM

The weekend is much closer than it appears.

In Our Sights

Is the Trump surge over? After weeks of topping the Iowa polls, everyone's favorite former real estate mogul has slipped to second — or, at least, he's slipped into the margin of error, even with Dr. Ben Carson. Must have been the helicopter rides.

Scott Walker may now be in danger of being re-seated to the kids' table for the CNN Presidential debate, but he's giving his all to New Hampshire. The Wisconsin governor will spend Labor Day weekend criss-crossing the Granite State on a Harley Davidson. 

CNN To Consider Changing Debate Rules for Fiorina? UPDATE: Rules Amended

By on 9.1.15 | 4:46PM

UPDATE: CNN has amended its rules. According to the network, they've re-evaluated their rules and based on the way the race has fluctuated, will structure their debate tiers on polls taken between August 6th and September 10th, rather than between July and August. According to CNN, this may adjust the "top-tier" of debate candidates, but no candidate will be officially placed until the September 10th window closes.


CNN has scheduled a phone call with the Republican Presidential candidates to discuss concerns with the methodology it used to determine participants in CNN's September debate. 

Currently, to be in the "top tier" of debating candidates, current candidates mCNN has scheduled a phone call at 5 p.m. EDT on Tuesday with the GOP presidential campaigns to discuss changes to the criteria determining which candidates will get to appear on main stage at the next debate later this month, The Washington Times has learned.

Bernie Sanders Would Like You to Please Stop Comparing Him to Donald Trump

By on 9.1.15 | 4:12PM

Bernie and Donald may be two peas in the same anti-Establishment pod, garnering their respective followings based on their shared belief that "politics as usual" is no longer an effective mantra, and both sporting hairdos that defy logic, reason and, generally, gravity. But while Donald Trump may be happy with his "outsider" status, Bernie Sanders is less thrilled that Bernie-Donald comparisons are "a thing."

Speaking to MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell, Bernie whined that he'd rather people prefer to think of him as a unique and special unicorn, rather than the cross-partisan twin of a New York real estate mogul.

"No, I don't accept that for one moment," the Independent Vermont senator said on MSNBC's "Andrea Mitchell Reports" when asked if he was tapping into the same "anger" against Washington that is fueling Trump's campaign.

Clinton Emails Reveal Concerns About Afghanistan, Clarence Thomas, Gefilte Fish

By on 9.1.15 | 12:58PM

Last night, the State Department dumped a massive collection of 7,000 emails, all related to Hillary Clinton's tenure as Secretary of State.

The dump, which was supposed to have come earlier in the day, was delayed by several hours because 150 of the emails showed signs of classified information. The rest showed signs of an embattled Hillary Clinton, struggling not just with foreign policy, but with managing a meddling Sidney Blumenthal, an overworked Huma Abedin, an opinionated daughter, a work environment filled with "ogrish males," and uncertainty over canned seafood. 

The highlights:

Let’s Not Push the Romney Panic Button

By on 9.1.15 | 12:57PM

It would appear the GOP donors underwhelmed with the likes of Jeb Bush and Scott Walker and fearful of Donald Trump are trying to renew efforts to recruit Mitt Romney,  if NRO’s Eliana Johnson and Elaina Plott are correct.

I believe this would be a mistake. It would simply reinforce Republicans as a party of elites with a tin ear and play right into Trump’s hands. While Romney is a smart man and would have made a far better President these past couple of years than Obama, he simply does not resonate with people. If Romney couldn’t beat Obama on his record or lack thereof in 2012, he isn’t going to fare any better than 2016.

Thoughts on Obama Renaming Mount McKinley as Denali

By on 9.1.15 | 12:54PM

I don’t wish to make mountains of this matter, but I do think it warrants comment. Let me begin by saying I am not unsympathetic to the name change. Most Alaskans refer to the highest point in the country as Denali, including former Governor Sarah Palin.

But this name change ought to have come about by an act of Congress, not because President Obama darn well feels like it before his trip to the 49th state later this week. Indeed, it was Congress which enacted the Mount McKinley National Park Act in 1917. If Congress sees fit to change the name then so be it. That is simply not the purview of the President, any President. Donald Trump has no more right to change the name back to McKinley than Obama does to change it to Denali. It should take an act of Congress to move mountains.

MLB Notes for August: Do the Cleveland Indians Have a Chance at the AL Wild Card?

By on 9.1.15 | 11:27AM

We’re heading into the home stretch. The pennant races have taken shape, but things are far from being said and done.

AL East
When August began the Toronto Blue Jays were tied for second in the AL East with the Baltimore Orioles, six games back of the New York Yankees. With the additions of Troy Tulowitzki and David Price as well as Ben Revere, Mark Lowe, and LaTroy Hawkins, the Blue Jays went 21-6 in August including their second 11-game winning streak of the season. The Jays now enter September leading the AL East by 1½ games over the Yankees.

As for the Bronx Bombers, they lost significant ground playing .500 ball in August. However, they do have one of the two AL Wild Card spots at the moment. But the team is aging, whether it is the season-ending knee injury to C.C. Sabathia, Mark Teixeira’s back trouble, or Alex Rodriguez’s prolonged slump. The bullpen is also overworked, as evidenced by the efforts to reacquire former closer David Robertson from the White Sox. Youngsters Greg Bird and Luis Severino are making a good effort. Whether it will be enough to regain top in the AL East much less retain a Wild Card spot remains to be seen.

Hillary Clinton “Very Accessible” At $1000-Per-Plate Dinner

By on 8.31.15 | 4:58PM

Hillary Clinton is a very accessible human being, at least according to a woman who paid $1,000 for the chance to eat rubber chicken and rub elbows in the Hamptons with the Democratic Presidential candidate. 

Hillary, herself, is in East Hampton for a much-needed vacation away from the filthy masses, and while there, she's raising money from her rich neighbors. The fundraiser in question was held on the grounds of the Patricof estate, owned by venture capitalist Alan Patricof, chairman of Apex Partners. Guest feasted on incredibly expensive chocolate chip pancakes, as their precious little hooligans played in a private petting zoo. The adults engaged in witty banter about current events, the mimosas were flowing, and Hillary Clinton was her charming, bubbly self - to people who were writing checks, of course.