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More on Wilson

By on 11.8.05 | 12:12PM

As reported by Cliff Kincaid of Accuracy in the media, MGen. Paul Vallely is still being threatened with a lawsuit by Joe Wilson. Vallely told ABC Radio's John Batchelor and World Net Daily that Wilson had told him that Wilson's wife was a CIA employee. Wilson, on hearing Vallely's statement, e-mailed his lawyer who, in turn, has demanded Vallely retract his statement. Vallely instead repeated it last night on Batchelor's show.

Rush just read my column on the air and others will, I'm sure, pick it up from there. Wilson must be feeling the heat. Vallely, meanwhile, has corrected one thing he told me and that is included in today's column. He e-mailed me today to say that his wife didn't overhear Wilson's comment about Plame's CIA status. At this point it is a he said/he said controversy. Stay tuned. Maybe -- just maybe -- someone will get Joe Wilson under oath and get to the bottom of his story. Which, of course, still begins with the yet-to-be-identified senior CIA official who hired him and turned him loose.

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Frantz Fanon, Call Your Office

By on 11.8.05 | 11:56AM

The last line of a column in today's NY Post could have been written by many fevered commentators of the Left. What a stunner to look up and see that it comes from the usually sensible Ralph Peters:

"Meanwhile, every American who believes in racial equality and human dignity should sympathize with the rioters, not with the effete bigots on the Seine/>."

How about sympathizing with neither? I'm for the cops, myself.

Peters’s column has other choice tidbits, like this: “If your skin is brown or black in la belle France, you haven't got a chance at a decent life. Now the wretched of the earth have exploded in rage.”

And their apologists have proliferated.

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Formal Leak Investigation

By on 11.8.05 | 10:25AM

Look for a formal announcement from Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist and Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert within the next couple of hours on a joint House and Senate Intelligence investigation into leaks to the media and special interest groups related to the CIA imprisonment of al Qaeda terrorists overseas.

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Random Voting

By on 11.8.05 | 9:18AM

Just back from my polling place in Old Town, Alexandria. As it is in a densely populated area, there are normally very long lines on any given Election Day. Not so this morning. A ghost town, in fact. Now, Old Town is chock-full-o-lefties, so maybe there's hope for my man Jerry Kilgore. We shall see…if he pulls it out, it will be in spite of a pretty poorly run campaign.

I still wish Doug Forrester well today in New Jersey, and I think he'd make a great Governor, but the 11th hour ad he authorized which features Jon Corzine's ex-wife talking about how Corzine let down his family is disgusting and shameful. I know it's New Jersey and all, but still…

This came in on the Blackberry from my friend author and conservative strategist Craig Shirley this morning: "Please explain to me how our children have had no school yesterday and today so that the Teachers Unions can go out and organize for Democratic candidates -- but the schools will be open on Friday when the federal Government and most offices will be closed to commemorate our nation's war heroes?" Such an explanation, seems to me, should be demanded indeed.

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Beyond Bloomberg

By on 11.8.05 | 8:29AM

New York City gets all the attention, but there are a bunch of mayoral elections in cities across the country today. I mention a few in today's column, but here's a more complete rundown by Ron Gunzburger at

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Vive le What?

By on 11.7.05 | 5:37PM

Thanks to a friend in France (and, yes, even I have some) I can give you some examples of how the French papers are covering the riots with some aplomb.

Interior Minister Mr. Bean er, Sarkozy, writing in Le Monde today:

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By on 11.7.05 | 2:16PM

The media over the weekend were trying hard to cast the riots in France as the product of youth, not Islamic, angst; I caught a few strained parallels to the youth protests of the 1960s from one of CNN's PC correspondents. The media are loath to acknowledge a creeping Eurabia, though that's getting harder to overlook when the rioters themselves are saying, "This is jihad." According to the muddled post-mortems from panicky liberals, the unrest is somehow the result of French repression. This illustrates once again that the West's greatest enemy is itself. Haven't the liberals of Europe noticed that Islamic attacks from Scandinavia to Spain to Britain to France are occurring in the countries most accomodating of Islam? And why is this? Because the Islamic groups know that more, not less, accomodation of Islam will follow the attacks. Sarkozy in France has already learned this; he has been rapped on the knuckles for saying that rioters torching cars are "scum." Â

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The N.Y. Times’ Latest Insult to Our Soldiers

By on 11.7.05 | 11:14AM

How many people caught Michelle Malkin’s piece, “All the News that’s fit to omit,” in Saturday’s Washington Times? Jim Dao’s unforgivable editing of a soldier’s letter to his girlfriend is proof that the NY Times is a wholly owned subsidiary of the anti-war movement, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the DNC.

From the NY Times account of Marine Cpl. Jeffrey B. Starr:

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Politics on Tape

By on 11.7.05 | 10:19AM

It's nice to pick up the ringing phone and hear the caller say, "Hi, this is Rudy Giuliani..." Of course if it were really him live, it would be his secretary on the line first. No matter, his recording was calling Saturday to urge my household to vote for Jerry Kilgore for governor on Tuesday. George Allen called yesterday with a similar message. Now questions arise why powerful Virginia congressman Rep. Tom Davis called. His taped message Saturday didn't mention Kilgore. He just wanted to make sure we'd vote for Bob McDonnell for attorney general.

My favorite call, though, came this morning from the one and only Grover Norquist -- on behalf of Michael Meunier, who's running for the House of Delegate against longtime incumbent Vivien Watts. Meunier has signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge. Watts helped raise record taxes last year. Case closed.

By the way, how come I haven't heard from any Democrats?

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