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Looking for a Hero

By on 10.27.05 | 9:35AM

If there are two heroes in the withdrawl of the Harriet Miers nomination, they are Sen. Majority Leader Bill Frist and Sen. Sam Brownback.

Frist and his leadership staff did yeoman's work in keeping the Miers process fair, but tough. Frist and his staff were realistic with White House surrogates, who were pressing them to come out strongly for the nominee at a point where such an appearance might have helped the nomination. Frist and his folks did not. Yesterday, Frist met with President Bush at the White House, we should have more on that later today.

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The Documents Were the Thing

By on 10.27.05 | 9:25AM

Word was if Miers were to withdraw, the cover would be the Senate's desire for access to executive documents from her tenure at the White House. President Bush cites that dispute in announcing her withdrawal:

It is clear that senators would not be satisfied until they gained access to internal documents concerning advice provided during her tenure at the White House -- disclosures that would undermine a president's ability to receive candid counsel...

That barely passable as an explanation. That tug-o'-war hadn't come to a head yet. If it were, say, three weeks from now and the committee were holding up the nomination over the documents, then this explanation would have held water. Now, it's a thin cover.

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Welcome to Political Chernobyl

By on 10.27.05 | 9:23AM

Welcome to Political Chernobyl, comrades. We all here just glowing with good cheer. Well, all of us except those who are paying attention, such as Peggy Noonan. Her piece in today's WSJ (subscription required, I guess) strikes such a depressing note:

"It's beyond, "The president is overwhelmed." The presidency is overwhelmed. The whole government is. And people sense when an institution is overwhelmed. Citizens know. If we had a major terrorist event tomorrow half the country--more than half--would not trust the federal government to do what it has to do, would not trust it to tell the truth, would not trust it, period." Is it really that bad? Yes and no.

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One Withdrawal for Another

By on 10.27.05 | 9:16AM

I won't claim this as my original thought, but I just can't remember where I saw it first: Nominate Douglas Ginsburg.

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No Mo’ Miers

By on 10.27.05 | 9:13AM

Harriet Miers has withdrawn her nomination, CNN reports. Stay tuned at AmSpec Blog for reactions throughout the day.

This should make Justice Scalia speech at the American Spectator Annual Dinner tonight all the more timely.

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Fat on the Mass. Hog

By on 10.27.05 | 8:40AM

These Massachusetts legislators on a opulent trip to Portugal and Spain during the legislative session get awfully defensive. The best line? Lida Harkins, the assistant majority leader, explained that she needed a vacation because votes all summer kept her from her Maine retreat.

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More Miers Opposition

By on 10.27.05 | 8:19AM

The anti-Miers crowd picked up a key member of the conservative movement yesterday, the Concerned Women for America. The Washington Times also reports that Leonard Leo is no longer lobbying for Miers and that internal GOP polling shows 70 percent support for her among self-identified conservative Republicans. In other words, the D.C. crowd's support is eroding while the base doesn't seem to mind her. How does that affect those who really matter, the senators? That's a tough call, but it seems that those who knock on doors and write the checks number far fewer than 70 percent support.

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