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Delay’s Seat Up For Grabs?

By on 11.1.06 | 4:51PM

In other news, Perry said that he thought Republicans actually had a chance of winning the Tom Delay seat, and he cited the recent Houston Chronicle poll. That poll found that 35 percent planned to vote for a write-in candidate, which was statistically even with the 36 percent who said they would vote for Nick Lampson, the Democrat. Most of those saying they would support a write-in candidate identified Republican Shelly Sekula-Gibbs as their choice.

Re: Kerry & the U.S. Troops

By on 11.1.06 | 3:38PM

Don't forget what Kerry had to say about the troops almost one year ago on "Face the Nation:" "...and there's no reason...that young American soldiers need to be going into the homes of Iraqis in the dead of night, terrorizing kids, children, women...."

The French Love Affair With Mickey Rourke

By on 11.1.06 | 1:16PM

It looks like there's going to be a movie made based on a treatment novelist Jim Thompson wrote on commission for Stanley Kubrick, which is pretty cool. The New York Times tells the story:

There were a couple of false starts. Mr. Hobbs originally approached the French company Pathé - partly because the French hold Jim Thompson in the same esteem as Edgar Allan Poe and Mickey Rourke...
Wait, what?

Obviously, this is supposed to say Mickey Spillane. How did that slip past the Times proofreaders? The web edition even has a link to Mickey Rourke's filmography.

“Yeah Man, You’re Looking at Big Daddy”

By on 11.1.06 | 12:41PM

Sen. Robert Byrd is apparantly now doing public appearances while stoned out of his mind.

(I'm not entirely kidding, by the way. Byrd's health can't be great, and there are a number of medical conditions where a doctor will say "You can't tell anyone I said this, but smoking some pot might help." I find it discomforting to think that a U.S. Senator would act like this without being high...)

GOP Strategist Castrates Balz

By on 11.1.06 | 10:51AM

I am all for journalists using anonymous sources in appropriate circumstances, like when they are unable to obtain important information otherwise for stories that hold government accountable. But The Washington Post's Dan Balz, in an election "analysis" piece (not labeled as such, at least on the Web site) that discusses whether President Bush is a boon or a drag on the Republican ticket, unnecessarily and annoyingly grants anonymity to a source.

And I Have No Sense Of Irony

By on 11.1.06 | 10:12AM

Reading this article in the New York Times (hat tip: Best of the Web), I couldn't help but recall this passage found in a personal ad on a dating website that I saw a few weeks back:

I am open minded, independent, appreciate different cultures, and love a good political conversation. But...if you are conservative and pro-war, then don't bother.