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A Grim Thought

By on 6.17.06 | 12:02PM

The blog Dvorak Uncensored tells the story of how the Chinese have started using a mobile execution van here. No, they don't have a soldier with a rifle inside; they've started using lethal injection. Presuming the Chinese are still selling organs from executed prisoners, this means they have found a brew of lethal chemicals that, unlike what is used in the U.S., do not ruin organs for transplant.

Competition for McCain and Schumer

By on 6.16.06 | 7:04PM

Back in February the folks over at MediaBistro demonstrated their powerful command of the obvious by reporting Little Miss Gun Control's fondness for the camera in a piece entitled, "Chuck Schumer, Media Whore." It's long been known in Washington that one can be injured by standing between Schumer and any open mike or uncovered lens. John McCain ain't much better.

Now that Karl Rove has been declared outside of Patrick Fitzgerald's inquisition, Mr. Schumer may have competition for the title of worst media whore in Washington from Joe Wilson.

Ms. Plame's hubby, clearly terrified at the approach of the irrelevance he so richly deserves, is now proclaiming his expertise in dealing with the terrorists in Iraq. In one report, Wilson said -- at the same conference Vichy John Kerry called for a firm date to withdraw from Iraq -- that we should be negotiating with the terrorists directly. Here's the money quote from the report:

We Don’t Teach Economics in Our Schools

By on 6.16.06 | 5:20PM

The School Board in Stoneham, Massachusetts decided to pay for health insurance of school cafeteria workers by raising the price of school lunches from $2.00 to $2.75. The result:

In an apparent backlash against a 75-cent price increase on the cost of lunch, student participation in the program dropped 22 percent in the 2005-06 school year, Connelly reported.

A $160,000 anticipated deficit can be covered with funds from other accounts, Connelly said, but the board needs to go back to the drawing board to address the problem for next year.

The committee had agreed to raise the cost of a school lunch from $2 to $2.75 last year, in the hope that it would raise $150,000 to offset employee health insurance costs. Instead, the mass student defection from the program wiped out any benefit from the increase.

You see, if you raise the price of something, people will demand less of it. It would be a good lesson to teach the kids. Which is probably why they won't.

One Can Hope, But…

By on 6.16.06 | 1:43PM

Over at Opinion Journal, Michael Barone wraps up his analysis of the Plame affair with:

The pursuit of Karl Rove by the left and the press has been just the latest episode in the attempted criminalization of political differences. Is there any hope that it might turn out to be the last?

Answer: Fat chance. The left has succeeded in dirtying up the White House (as evidenced in Bush's low poll numbers) by criminalizing political differences. A similar strategy helped oust the effective Tom DeLay.

As long as criminalizing political differences is an effective tactic for the left they will continue to use it, no matter how morally bereft it is.

What Else Do You Need to Know?

By on 6.16.06 | 1:40PM

Our buddy, Hu Jintao, with his smiling friend Ahmadinejad. Contrast this, please, with the picture in today's WaPo in which Ahmadinejad is standing with Musharraf of Pakistan and Karzai of Afghanistan. Neither is smiling or shaking hands with ol' Mahmoud.

Re: Specter Unvarnished

By on 6.16.06 | 12:34PM

What is this, John? An invitation to ridicule, from a colleague? Not very polite. I am not "with" Oliver Stone. And I seem to remember the Discovery Channel doing a special on the hidden Kennedy assassin, too. Interesting show.