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Fan Antics

By on 10.26.05 | 4:03PM

Reason enough to blitz the team of David Frum, Virginia Postrel, Mona Charen, Roger Clegg, and other players shouting for Harriet Miers to jump off the first available bridge. Among those joining the above names on the group's board of advisors is Ephraim Fry Wernick, who on its website is described thus:

Mr. Wernick is an attorney and concerned conservative citizen. In early January, you will find Mr. Wernick at the Rose Bowl watching Vince Young and the Texas Longhorns bring home their first national title since 1970.

Hasn't it dawned on these jocks that as a Texan Ms. Miers may also be a staunch Longhorns fan?

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Chirac Broadcasting System Updates

By on 10.26.05 | 3:32PM

According to a CBS News report, its news president Andrew Heyward is going, to be replaced by CBS Sports head Sean McManus. McManus, son of sportscaster Jim McKay, will slide into the spot in January.

One of the first tasks he'll face is deciding the replacement for Dan Rather. One idea that CBS has been batting around is a duo of godheads to co-host the evening news broadcast. It could prove an immense improvement. McManus has the opportunity to hire a solid, moderate journalist to replace the tired CBS hyperlibs. Oh, never mind. That's too much to ask of CBS. But maybe they can at least make it fun to watch, like some of their sports programs are. Dear Mr. McManus: If you would consider pairing Maureen Dowd with John Madden...

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Edwards a Plagiarist?

By on 10.26.05 | 2:22PM

"The justice system is under scrutiny for its very makeup because of the few minorities who serve in the judiciary. And if we are honest, we cannot deny that things go wrong, they cannot be explained away and changes need to be made. We still have all white juries trying cases which significantly impact the rights of minorities. We undeniably still have a justice system that does not provide justice for all as provided by the Pledge of Allegiance. One justice for the rich, one justice for the poor. One justice sometimes for minorities, one for whites."

We don't know what is more troubling about these lines from Harriet Miers' speech in Dallas a decade ago: that she, a Supreme Court nominee, then appeared to be under the impression that the Pledge of Allegiance is part of our Constitution or some other legally binding utterance.

Or that her remarks read like a rough draft of the "Two America's" speech Sen. John Edwards used during last year's Democratic Presidential primary. Miers wasn't just a trailblazer for women, she was a trailblazer for Democratic populists.

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All About John

By on 10.26.05 | 2:03PM

John Kerry is giving a "major" address on the war in Iraq at Georgetown today, no doubt to capitalize on the milestone of our dying servicemen. This is part of his permanent campaign of giving speeches no one cares about.

But one man cares deeply about them. And that man is John Kerry. The real story about his speech is the subject of the majority of the sentences:

A few weeks ago I departed Iraq from Mosul. Three Senators and staff were gathered in the forward part of a C-130. In the middle of the cavernous cargo hold was a simple, aluminum coffin with a small American flag draped over it. We were bringing another American soldier, just killed, home to his family and final resting place.

The starkness of his coffin in the center of the hold, the silence except for the din of the engines, was a real time cold reminder of the consequences of decisions for which we Senators share responsibility.

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Plame Forecast

By on 10.26.05 | 2:02PM

Blogger Tom Maguire, who's followed the case as closely as anyone, lays out his predictions: indictments for John Hannah, David Wurmser, and Scooter Libby, but not for Karl Rove.

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Marvin’s Room

By on 10.26.05 | 1:20PM

Bernie Kalb's brother and old media diehard Marvin Kalb hosted another of his Kalb Reports events at the National Press Club last night, the first since his conversation with Dan Rather on Sept. 27. His guest was Associated Press honcho Tom Curley, who to his credit resisted seconding Kalb in his renewed, clueless efforts to blast blogging as such. I only caught some of it on the radio, and haven't seen a transcript. But what came through loud and clear is that Kalb is incapable of understanding the market mechanics of blogging -- in which expert opinion and insight easily check, expose, or supplant inferior efforts, no matter how credentialed (and in which uninformed blogging quickly vanishes into the ether). Curley is not intimidated at all by newer forms of competition, nor does he share Kalb's view that the news business is in a crisis because of new, unfettered participants. If Kalb wants a sympathetic ear, he'll have to have Dan Rather back.

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By on 10.26.05 | 11:31AM

The Iraqi constitution or the 2,000th US military death in Iraq -- which gets more prominent coverage? You guessed it.

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Gen. Pete Pace, Gentleman

By on 10.26.05 | 11:26AM

Set aside your political depression for a minute and read my interview with the new Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Marine Gen. Peter Pace, from Monday's Hugh Hewitt show. Before we got to the heavy stuff, I asked a series of questions to help America get to know more about a guy we only see in the most serious of circumstances. The fun stuff, and the serious, show the new CJCS is someone we should have a lot of confidence in.

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The Unoriginalist

By on 10.26.05 | 11:25AM

"We gave up," said Harriet Miers in a speech to the Executive Women of Dallas, according to the Washington Post, "legislating religion or morality" a long time ago. It is hard to imagine that someone who thinks on such a lame level, accepting the tired fallacies of the left, could defend the original meaning of the Founding Fathers' words. This line from the speech should set off alarm bells too: "The ongoing debate continues surrounding the attempt to once again criminalize abortions or to once and for all guarantee the freedom of the individual women's [sic] right to decide for herself whether she will have an abortion." O'Connor's replacement was supposed to end jurisprudence by liberal cliche; Miers will reinforce it.

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FitzMas Wish List

By on 10.26.05 | 10:05AM

Yep, that's what the hyperlibs -- here and abroad -- are calling the occasion they expect to receive political gifts from Patrick Fitzgerald: "Fitzmas." Their salivary glands are working overtime. The UK Guardian newspaper is typical in its view of the libs' most wished-for outcome. Today, speaking of Plamegate and comparing it to the case of suicided UK intel analyst David Kelly, columnist Jonathan Freedland writes:

"Now there is a chance to discredit not just Bush's presidency but the ideology which led to the disastrous adventure in Iraq. Plamegate itself may seem arcane, but that outcome is one in which we all have a stake."

We all do, indeed, Mr. Freedland. Whether we continue to fight the global war against terrorism is not something that should be decided by prosecutors or courts.

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