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Derb on Deroy

By on 8.28.06 | 5:42PM

NRO's John Derbyshire has an amusing and appreciated blog post on The Corner concerning our September cover story by Deroy Murdock. To all you non-subscribers out there, the excellent story by Mr. Murdock provides one more good reason to subscribe to our mag. See the "Subscribe" link on our home page to do so! Meanwhile, it's worth noting that Giuliani is as Reaganite as they come when it comes to taxes, spending, unions, political correctness (i.e., he's not), law-and-order, and leadership. On the social issues, though, we still await solid promises from him that no matter what his policy preferences, he will appoint strict constructionist/originalist/textualist judges. If believable, such promises might reassure conservatives at least a little bit.....

Re: Emmy Plane Crash

By on 8.28.06 | 5:40PM

Hear, hear. I read about the plane crash and then watched the Emmys, and didn't even make the connection between the Lost parody and the news until I looked at the Drudge Report afterwords. I understand why the Lexington affiliate would have rather put a test pattern over part of the opening skit, and maybe the producers slipped up by not thinking of warning them. But I wouldn't have thought of it, either.

Speaking of the Emmys, kudos to Edie Falco and James Gandolfini: When the Sopranos leads took the stage to present, they gave a shout-out to our men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan. They were the only ones who thought to do that.

Re: Zogby Poll

By on 8.28.06 | 5:08PM

That Zogby poll isn't a traditional phone poll -- it is the "Interactive" version, a self-selected sample of junkies through email. Zogby defends the methodology, but I will wait for the next SurveyUSA poll to weigh the extent of the Macaca damange.

Webb Statistically Even With Allen

By on 8.28.06 | 4:25PM

Latest WSJ/Zogby poll has Webb at 47.9 percent and Allen at 46.6 percent. If that's the Macaca effect alone, I can't see those numbers holding come November. Then again, I'm surprised that Macaca-madness made such a splash in the first place.

Emmy Plane Crash

By on 8.28.06 | 4:01PM

As much fun as it is to make fun of Hollywood liberals, I'm not going to join the pile on over the plane crash skit at the Emmy's that came hours after the real plane crash in Kentucky. It may have been less-than-desirable timing, but I don't see a need for conservative bloggers to create a whole controversy out of it -- that's what liberals are supposed to be for.

A “Who’s Who of (Liberal) Americana”

By on 8.28.06 | 2:38PM

So CBS has engaged Uncle Walter to prop himself up in a chair and introduce Katie the Serious on her first night anchoring CBS Evening News next week. Nice to know she'll have a support group around her to make sure she survives all 22 minutes of broadcast time.

According to Drudge, CBS is promising a "who's who of Americana" to make a big splash. Who else could be among the hyperlib glitterati welcoming Katie? Hillary, for sure. Probably McCain as the token Republican. Will Jimmy Carter be on to flak his new book? How many of the usual suspects will join in? Maureen Dowd, Harry Reid, Barbra Streisand, Nancy Pelosi, and Ned Lamont all seem likely. One face you're sure to not see: Dan Rather won't be visible anywhere that night, unless it's on Hardball with Matthews. Let the games begin. I only wish it were tonight. This is going to be the greatest source of amusement we'll have until Hillary announces her presidential campaign.

Chafee vs. Laffey

By on 8.28.06 | 12:07PM

Hotline reports that the Republican 72 hour program has been activated to help Sen. Lincoln Chafee in his primary against Club for Growth-backed conservative Stephen Laffey:

No Media, No Qassams?

By on 8.28.06 | 10:50AM

Michael Totten, reporting from southern Israel, near Gaza, writes:

"How many rockets are hitting the city right now?" I said.

"Not as many today," he said. "Because of the war in Lebanon."

"What does Lebanon have to do with it?" I said.

"All the journalists forgot about us during the Lebanon war. So the terrorists are waiting for the media to come back before firing rockets again. They don't want to waste those they have."

"That can't be the only reason," I said. "The IDF has been active in Gaza this entire time. Surely that has something to do with it."

"Yes," he said. "Also because of the IDF."

Later two more Israelis repeated what Shika said about Hamas and Islamic Jihad cooling their rocket launchers while the media's attention was elsewhere. I haven't heard any official confirmation from either side that it's true.

Israel’s Debate Over Targeted Killings

By on 8.28.06 | 10:12AM

A great article in yesterday's Washington Post described the internal debates in Israel over targeted killings of terrorists, specifically the conflict over risking Palestinian civilian casualties to kill terrorist leaders whose deaths would mean saving Israeli lives. The article focuses in on one specific incident in 2003, in which a "who's who" list of Hamas leaders (including current Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh) was meeting in one house. The dilemma? "A half-ton bomb wouldn't finish the job, the air force chief said. A one-ton bomb would blow out the neighboring apartment building, which was filled with dozens of families." Eventually, the Israelis found out that the curtains were closed on the top floor of the house, so they decided to take a chance that the leaders were meeting on that floor. They used a quarter-ton bomb to destroy only that floor, but it turned out that the terrorists were meeting on the ground level, and so the terrorists escaped.