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The 50 Democrats Who Won’t Attend Netanyahu’s Speech

By on 3.2.15 | 11:09PM

This morning my newest article focused on the cowardice of Democrats unwilling to attend Benjamin Netanyahu's speech tomorrow, twelve more Democrats have declared they are not amenable to reason including Minnesota Senator Al Franken. In all there are 50 Democrats who will not be in attendance including Vice-President Biden in his capacity as President of the Senate. Here are the cowards in all their glory:

Sen. Al Franken (Minn.)

Sen. Martin Heinrich (N.M.)

Sen. Tim Kaine (Va.)

Sen. Patrick Leahy (Vt.)

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.)

Sen. Brian Schatz (Hawaii)

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (R.I.)

Rep. Earl Blumenauer (Ore.)

Rep. Corrine Brown (Fla.)

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Ann Coulter Will Be The VP Pick - In Sharknado 3

By on 3.2.15 | 5:41PM

I'm not sure what's left to destroy with shark-laden killer tornados that hasn't already been soundly demolished, but SyFy is girding its loins for Sharknado 3, the latest installment in their campy, celebrity cameo-laden C-movie series that features Ian Ziering and Tara Reid, among others, battling the murderous sea-faring creatures as they lay waste to the nation's metropolises. 

This time, though, the sharks will be taking on Washington DC, and there they'll face an awfully formidable foe: Vice President Ann Coulter.

Mark Cuban and Ann Coulter have joined the growing list of guest stars for the third TV movie in the phenomenon, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

Launching in July, Sharknado 3 will be set in Washington, D.C., this time and, per Syfy, will "cause mass destruction in the nation's capital" before it roars down the Eastern Seaboard.

Entrepreneur/Dallas Mavericks owner Cuban of Shark Tank will play the president, while conservative commentator/author Coulter will play the veep.

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Buffett: Warren Too Mean, Hillary Possibly Too Sick

By on 3.2.15 | 5:32PM

Warren Buffett is really looking forward to 2016. Sure, the Buffett rule didn't work out - partly because it turns out his secretary only pays more in taxes than he does because his wealth is packed into capital gains - but he's already hedging his bets that Hillary Clinton's administration will have a more favorable bent towards his ideas. In fact, he just loves Hillary Clinton, and thinks that, without a doubt, she'll be the next President of the United States. 

That is, if she's doesn't fall prey to a devastating illness. 

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Two Reasons Why I Don’t Believe a Word of Samantha Power’s AIPAC Speech

By on 3.2.15 | 4:29PM

Earlier today I threw cold water on UN Ambassador Samantha Power's speech to AIPAC after Ross had praised it.

Let me give you two reasons why.

First, Power stated, "The United States of America will not allow Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon. Period."

Does anyone believe that for a minute?

This sounds like another one of the Obama Administraton's red lines.

If the Obama Administration is so keen on not allowing Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon then why is it no longer demanding that Iran stop enriching uranium and dismantle its centrifuges?

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DEA Warns Utah of Stoned Rabbits

By on 3.2.15 | 2:06PM

I would certainly not have predicted Utah to be the next state to take up the mantle of marijuana legalization, but thankfully, they are. I say this not because I'm a supporter of legalization (though I am), but because Utah's legislative hearings on their medical marijuana bill - which would allow certain persons with "debilitating illnesses" access to "edible forms" of the drug - are absolutely magnificent.

Last week, Utah welcomed DEA agent Matt Fairbanks to testify, and among his rationale for bringing Utah back from the abyss: that Utah's entire rabbit population is, from here on out, going to be stoned out of its ever-loving rabbit mind

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Some DOE Staff Found New Way to Take Advantage of Students

By on 3.2.15 | 1:45PM

Student loans are a billion dollar industry for the government, which basically insures that the system, despite Elizabeth Warren's eternal pleadings, is unlikely to be reformed. But it seems, on at least a couple of occasions, the student loan process was very lucrative for a couple of individuals at the Department of Education as well (until they got caught at least).

According to a Freedom of Information Act request obtained by the Daily Mail, breach of conduct reports at the agency reveal identity theft, unlawful access to student loan records and a basic understanding of civics.

According to the documents - obtained by the Daily Mail Online through a Freedom of Information Act request - a number of government employees set up an illicit scheme to steal students' information.  

One woman created a bogus Department of Education account to access the National Student Loan Data System to aid her criminal plot.

While accessing the records, she would extract information from individual accounts.  

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Curt Schilling Brushes Back Internet Trolls Who Cyberbullied His Daughter

By on 3.2.15 | 1:20PM

Internet trolls be warned.

Do not mess with former Boston Red Sox pitcher and current ESPN analyst Curt Schilling.

To be precise, don't mess with his daughter.

Last week, Schilling took to Twitter to congratulate his 17-year old daughter Gabby who has been accepted to Salve Regina University where she will pitch for the university's softball team.

Unfortunately, the response was ugly. Many a "man" took to social media to make vile sexual comments about Gabby Schilling.

These trolls, however, got much more for which they bargained. Papa Schilling sprung into action and began taking names. He tracked down the trolls and let their schools or employers know of their shenanigans and they are now facing the consequences.

Schilling wrote at length about the whole sordid mess on his blog 38 Pitches. Here is a portion of it:

Now understand this.

I’m a Republican

I’m a former Red Sox

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Bill Clinton’s Portrait Has Secret Lewinsky Reference

By on 3.2.15 | 1:03PM

Monica Lewinsky seems to be enjoying the rise of Clinton nostalgia. Just last week, she was photographed wearing a bright orange gown, attending the annual Vanity Fair post-Oscar party, as though she were a real celebrity, and Friday, it was announced that her post-Clinton life in New York will become the subject of a six-"webisode" mini-series. The series, which is loosely based on an HBO documentary that followed her around after she vacated her internship, will chronicle Monica's life and struggle to "rebuild her life in the wake of the scandal that left her a reluctant single-name celebrity."

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Barbara Mikulski to Retire, Yell At Someone Else Now

By on 3.2.15 | 12:33PM

I am finally returned, rested and recovered from CPAC. Fortunately, unlike other years, this CPAC only forced me to confront my claustrophobia in the main hallways, and not in a dark and dank ballroom, which should cut down on the post traumatic stress quite a bit.

Plus, this Monday is greeted with an intriguing Congressional retirement: Sen. Barbara Mikulski, firebrand of Maryland's Senate delegation, will retire while still in her prime (at least, as far as Congressional median age is concerned), at a spry 78 and after a mere 5 terms in the Senate.

The longest serving woman in Congress in U.S. history is ready to retire. Maryland Democrat Barbara Mikulski will not seek a sixth term in the Senate in 2016.

Mikulski made the announcement at a news conference in the Fells Point neighborhood in Baltimore Monday morning.

"I am here today ... to announce I will not be seeking a sixth term in the United States Senate," Mikulski said. "This is a hard decision to make."

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The Single Best GOP Argument to Stop Obama’s Executive Amnesty

By on 3.2.15 | 12:10PM

There are lots of good reasons to oppose President Obama's move to grant a form of amnesty to millions of illegal aliens -- reasons that transcend anybody's position on broader issues of immigration reform.

But as we head into this battle over tying that amnesty to DHS funding and the beating Republicans are taking in the media (as always) for standing up for exceptionally important principles, I think that one particular argument could be the most effective in terms of public opinion and putting Democrats on the defensive for blocking a bill which would fund DHS but block amnesty:

Amnesty will allow illegal aliens to collect money retroactively from US taxpayers. Admittedly there are probably not very many illegals who filed tax returns, but those who did - even if they didn't pay any tax - could apply for the Earned Income Tax Credit and receive a check from the federal government.

This is insane and offensive to any American of common sense, again regardless of their view on immigration reform overall.

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