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Waiting for the NBA Babes

By on 3.29.16 | 12:47PM

You’ve seen the news. For their own social reasons and political eccentricities, the anointed ones at the National Basketball Association and the National Football League are insisting that the republic can no longer endure unless men are allowed to use women’s public restrooms.

Don’t ask me what this has to do with staging football or basketball games. The obvious answer is nothing.

But just to show that while they may be daft, at least they’re not hypocritical, the NBA announced today that it will immediately begin to recruit women players for its teams.

Ha ha! Gotcha. Just kidding.

NBA officials are firm in their insistence that LeBron James should be able to use the ladies’ room if he gets up feeling womanish some morning. And have announced themselves willing to withdraw their product from those benighted precincts that refuse to go along with their Brave New World. But don’t hold your breath until the NBA announces that the women whose privacy LeBron would invade in this crackpot arrangement are worthy of playing basketball on the same court with the talented James.

Coulter, Gingrich Distancing from Donald Trump?

By on 3.29.16 | 11:24AM

It's looking more and more like Trump will fall behind in Wisconsin — especially now that Scott Walker has announced his support for Ted Cruz, and the "Dean of Conservative Talk Radio in Wisconsin wasted the Donald in an interview yesterday — and more and more as though Cruz is pulling even with Trump in California. The Donald desperately needs to take big chunks of both states if he has even a bare hope of winning the Republican nomination outright, but his hope is slowly fading.

But is "Trumpmentum" really slowing? The national poll numbers can only indicate so much. The real indication that people might finally be falling off the #TrumpTrain could be the high profile endorsers...who are slowly coming to terms with their full-throated defense the New York billionaire, apparently as a result of Trump's tweet disparaging Heidi Cruz.

Georgians Got a Raw Deal on Religious Liberty Today (And So Did The Rest of The Country)

By on 3.28.16 | 9:17PM

I agree with Caleb's dismay with Georgia Governor Nathan Deal's veto the religious liberty bill passed in the state legislature.

While I've been at odds with religious liberty bills in other states such as Arizona and Indiana, the bill in Georgia was restricted in the main to  "provide religious officials shall not be required to perform marriage ceremonies in violation of their legal right to free exercise of religion."

Donald Trump’s Disaster of an Interview Or Trump Gets Sykes-ed

By on 3.28.16 | 4:32PM

Wow! Donald Trump came out of an interview with Wisconsin conservative talk radio host Charlie Sykes looking like the proverbial deer in the headlights. You can listen to the interview above.

Here are four observations.

1. Sykes asks Trump is he was aware that he is part of the #NeverTrump movement. To which Trump replied in the negative I would guess that no one else in the Trump campaign knew either. I guess Corey Lewandowski was probably busy roughing someone up & didn't have time to give The Donald a last minute cheat sheet. Needless to say, someone in that campaign is going to get fired. Trump had better realize that the questions are only going to get tougher. This means actually reading policy papers, Supreme Court decisions, etc. I know that's not nearly as exciting as retweeting uncomplimentary pictures of Ted Cruz's wife. But as Sykes told Trump, “Remember, we’re not on a playground. We’re running for president of the United States.”

Media Bias Monday: Deniers of ISIS Terrorism Come Unhinged

By on 3.28.16 | 4:04PM

There’s no question that many in the left-wing media are, at least, covertly disappointed that the terrorist attacks in Belgium were carried out by the Islamic terror group known as ISIS, and not "rabid right-wingers." Across cable television this weekend, there was a palpable reluctance to label the Brussels bombs that killed more than thirty and injured nearly 200, the work of radical Islam. 

Instead, you may have heard, from MSNBC and others, that the tragic incident was really just the result of, say, European society:

Gov. Nathan Deal Caves to Crony Capitalism in Georgia

By on 3.28.16 | 3:33PM

"We are going to create a nation that works for all of us, not just for a handful of millionaires and billionaires,” says Sen. Bernie Sanders. Democrats love this line. They imagine some rich crony capitalist out there squirming and fearing his undue political power threatened. Probably a Koch brother. They never picture their own “millionaires and billionaires” subverting the political process. But of course they do. Almost exclusively, and certainly more noticeable, powerfully, and openly. In other words, they are hypocrites. Take Georgia, for example.

Gov. Nathan Deal has vetoed a bill that would protect the religious liberty and freedom of citizens of his state. It was a bill passed by the state legislature acting on behalf of the people. This is what a representative democratic body does. But that bill will not become law, and the reason is that Republican Governor Nathan Deal was cowed into submission by ultra-rich leftists who use the power of their mega-corporations in far away states to bypass the will of the Georgia voters and force compliance with their worldview. 

Yeah isn’t that, like, exactly what you’re always complaining about, Democrats?

Hillary Clinton to be Interviewed by the FBI?

By on 3.28.16 | 3:31PM

The FBI Clinton probe is, according to sources, nearing a close, which will be a big relief to the reported 147 FBI agents that are currently assigned to Nancy Drew and the Case of the Chappaqua Server. In just a few short weeks, there will be 147 beach vacations booked, probably lasting all the way through November.

But if the number of agents, obtained by the Washington Post, demonstrates anything, it's that the Clinton case is actually pretty serious. No one assignes 147 FBI agents to just anything, unless it's on a television show like Quantico. And while the Clinton camp has maintained that the story is nothing but the fever dream of a Republican political consultant, it's now the candidate who is in the crossfire. According to the Los Angeles Times last night, Hillary Clinton herself is scheduled for a very private rendevous with a couple of curious government investigators.

Easter Sunday Suicide Bombing in Pakistan; Most Victims Were Women & Children

By on 3.27.16 | 6:08PM

The Pakistani Taliban are claiming responsibility for a suicide bombing at a park in Lahore which as of this writing has claimed 69 lives. A majority of the dead are women and children. 

At the time of the attack, there were Easter celebrations going on in the park. 

Although Pakistan the second most populous Muslim country in the world (behind only Indonesia) there is a Christian community which publicly observes Easter. There are more than 2.5 million Christians in Pakistan's comprising 1.6% of the country's population.

While Christians in Iraq and Syria are facing genocide, this attack in Pakistan demonstrates that Christians in other parts of the Middle East are also vulnerable to Islamic extremism. 


Bernie Sweeps Caucuses in Alaska, Washington & Hawaii

By on 3.27.16 | 4:18AM

Bernie Sanders isn't going away.

On Saturday, Bernie swept three races winning caucuses in Alaska, Washington and Hawaii. He won each of these races decisively capturing 81.6%, 72.7% & 70.6% of the vote, respectively.

As it stands now, Hillary still leads Bernie by nearly a 2:1 margin in the overall delegate count (1703-985). However, when one breaks down pledged delegates and superdelegates, the race is a lot closer. Among pledged delegates, Hillary leads Bernie by fewer than 300 (1234-956). It is among the superdelegates with whom Hillary dominates (469-29). If the superdelegate numbers were reversed, Bernie would be leading this race. Of course, the superdelegates are Democratic elected officials many of whom are bound to the Clintons for their electoral fortune. 

If the Democratic Party didn't have superdelegates and didn't award pledged delegates on a proportional basis, this race would be very different than the one we have now.

All of which means is that Bernie has got it all wrong. It isn't the economy that's rigged; it's the Democratic Party.

#FreakoutFriday: Oh, No! GMOs!

By on 3.25.16 | 1:45PM

People love to freak out about GMOs. Of course, few people actually know what the acronym actually stands for but I can help with that.

GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism and today, GMOs are present in roughly 70 percent of processed food. So, if you’ve ever eaten a tortilla chip or fried something in canola oil or if you’ve eaten a fresh Hawaiian papaya, you’ve probably consumed a GMO.

Now, calm down. You’re fine. You’re not going to sprout a tail or grow gills or die an early death. We know this because GMOs have been in use for over twenty years and in that time there hasn’t been one case of illness, death or bizarre behavior associated with consuming GMOs. Even the World Health Organization, the American Medical Association, the National Academy of Sciences, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science have all declared that GMOs are safe for human and animal consumption. Thousands of studies confirm this.