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There They Go Again…

By on 11.3.06 | 9:20AM

The AP reports:

Iran test-fired dozens of missiles, including the Shahab-3 that can reach Israel, in military maneuvers Thursday that it said were aimed at putting a stop to the role of world powers in the Persian Gulf region.

Those who choose to downplay the threat of Iran argue that there is no evidence of a military buildup in the Islamist state. I guess this was just some Persian equivelent of a July 4th fireworks display. Also worth noting that the type of missiles being fired are believed to have been obtained from North Korea. Remember that whole silly Axis of Evil thing?  

Rudy and NH

By on 11.2.06 | 3:13PM

Rudy Giuliani's scheduled appearance at New Hampshire's "First in the Nation Forum" is a sell-out:

"After the response to our initial announcement, we expected strong turn out, but New Hampshire is so accustomed to national political figures paying us a visit, that you usually end up selling tickets at the door," said Harry Levine, co-founder of Victory NH, "but when America's Mayor comes to town to help protect America's Primary, the people of New Hampshire know this is one event they don't want to miss."

Re: The Conservative Vote

By on 11.2.06 | 1:49PM

My first thought is, I wouldn't be surprised if some conservatives deliberately mislead pollsters about their voting intentions. Knowing the history of the mainstream media to get things wrong, a number of poll respondents might not mind helping them get it wrong again. It's tempting to do so when the MSM loves to ask questions to elicit the answers they want, then turn them into front page news, using them to bash conservative policies and people.

Re: Running Against San Francisco

By on 11.2.06 | 1:37PM

One example of a Republican candidate tying Pelosi (and Hillary and Dean) to his opponent is here in North Carolina, where 11th District Rep. Charles Taylor is defending his seat against former NFL quarterback Heath Shuler. This particular ad has the look of desperation, however. Shuler has led polls for a while now and most pundits have the race at least "leaning" Democrat.

The Conservative Vote

By on 11.2.06 | 12:45PM

According to exit polls, President Bush received 84 percent of the conservative vote in 2004. A new NY Times/CBS News poll finds that just 59 percent of self-described conservatives plan to vote for the Republican House candidate in Tuesday's elections, with 25 percent saying they would be voting Democratic and 16 percent undecided. It's hard to know how seriously to take these results. For instance, perhaps some conservatives simply say they'll vote Democrat in a poll just because they're frustrated, even though when push comes to shove, they'll vote Republican. But this could also be a sign that the much-publicized disenchantment among conservatives will indeed hurt the GOP.

The Message about Marriage and Law

By on 11.2.06 | 12:36PM

When I was with Georgia Family Council in the first years of the millennium, we spent a lot of time trying to show people the value of marriage and the intact family as social institutions. In other words, marriage is better than divorce. Marriage is better than living together. Having children with both parents present is superior to the alternatives. There is a strong statistical case to be made for all of the above.

I'm happy to report that more influential persons seem to be picking up the case in Georgia. Check out this excerpt from a Washington Post column by Georgia Chief Justice Leah Ward Sears: