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Happy Birthday, U.S. Army

By on 6.14.06 | 9:20AM

John W. Schneider III of Bristow, Virginia sends in an excellent tribute to our Army on its birthday:

June 14, 1775, the 2nd Continental Congress having determined that the events of April and May of 1775 represented more than a local rebellion of the Colony of Massachusetts, authorized the formation and provisioning of an official Continental Army.

The Congress, in doing so, actually established itself as the first government of the United States of America. The first commanding general was to the consternation of John Hancock and Charles Lee... Colonel George Washington of Virginia.

Narrow Victory for Webb

By on 6.13.06 | 10:39PM

Those who call elections are calling tonight's Virginia Democratic Senate primary for Jim Webb.

What to make of Webb's showing? In spite of the national party throwing everything behind Webb, he is still a horrible campaigner (earning the moniker from many Virginia blogs "The Worst Campaign Ever") -- he only eked out a 6-point victory.

In the end, Virginia Democrats aren't sold on the anti-war veteran candidate, and show a strong sympathy to the tried and true liberal party stalwart. The media and the national party will pump up Jim Webb as much as they can, but this is great news for George Allen. He will just need to be himself -- smiling, positive, amiable -- and Webb will sink himself.

The Whacko Left

By on 6.13.06 | 7:35PM

On a day when the president flew to Baghdad to visit the newly-formed government and celebrated Zarqawi's death with our troops, Hillary and Vichy John Kerry went to the hyperlib "Take Back America" meeting to continue the shadowboxing match for 08.

Hillary is running to the right of any Dem, even Joe Lieberman. (Will the Kossack nutroots go after her like they're going after Lieberman? Doubtful, as they're as craven as she is. But if so, it'll be hilarious) She said that scheduling withdrawal from Iraq would be a mistake for us and for Iraq. Kerry went all the way in the other direction.

Kerry not only disavowed his vote for the war -- saying, natch, he was misled by the Bush administration -- and said that we need a hard and fast date to bring all our troops out of Iraq. There are no reports of whether he spoke to Mr. Chirac before or afterward.

There you have it: the solid, defined Democratic position thanks to its leaders. And just where are Howlin' Howie Dean and Jack Murtha when Kerry needed them? And how will this affect Hillary's status among the whacko left? Stay tuned.

Marshalling Arguments on Iraq

By on 6.13.06 | 6:32PM

I'll have much more of my own on the subject of Iraq in a full column in the online issue we post at midnight, but for now let me report on some thoughtful and on-target comments that Democratic Rep. Jim Marshall of Georgia offered to me just now, in advance of a debate on Iraq scheduled for Thursday in the House.

Marshall: "It would be a bad mistake for the United States to leave the perception that it withdrew under pressure, or failed in its mission, or left Iraq in chaos. Those and other bad endings would be touted as victory for al-Qaida. The result would be a radical increase in the political strength of radical Islamic jihadists throughout the Arab/Muslim world. That would dramatically increase the security problems for Israel, Europe, and ultimately the United States."

In short, Marshall said he would agree with putting the House on record in opposition to an arbitrary date of withdrawal of American troops from Iraq.

Another Winner

By on 6.13.06 | 4:46PM

Lost in taking down the MSM / Nutroot sycophants like Schuster and Olberman, was perhaps the biggest winner in the clearance of Karl Rove's good name: Scooter Libby.

Given the witnesses on which independent prosecutor Pat Fitzgerald has pegged his prosecution of Libby, namely Judith Miller and more imporantly Time's Matt Cooper, the Rove decision looms large. Cooper's story is slowly losing air, with it becoming increasingly apparent that at least two of the five charges pending against Libby have little to stand on. The New York Times has done a good job of devouring its own and discrediting Miller beyond repair.

So the question is: where does Fitzgerald go with Libby? Clearly, the case will go forward, but in speaking with Libby supporters there is a growing sense that they believe Libby will prevail.

Ask Armitage

By on 6.13.06 | 4:40PM

Richard Armitage appears tonight on "Charlie Rose." Visitors to Rose's website can post questions to his guests. Since Rose wouldn't think to ask the tough questions, perhaps our readers can submit the one question everyone wants Armitage asked: "When will you admit that you were a source for reporters in the Joe Wilson scandal?"

You can submit the question here.

Enemies List

By on 6.13.06 | 2:03PM

Given that Joe Wilson may very well have been a source for Leopold, I'm sure he's disappointed.

Given that he appears to be the only person who has been proven to be a liar in this whole mess, I'm sure he was hopeful that he and the netroots he shares the far-left kiddie table with would be able to string this story along for a few more months.

Now it's over, and the looney left must now focus on policy and politics, something they have utterly failed at over the past six years.

Bribes at Saddam’s Trial

By on 6.13.06 | 1:00PM

Bribing people -- as half of France and most of Russia found out during the UN Oil-for-Food-for-bribes-for-Weapons scam -- was Saddam's favorite way to do business. (Iraqis got Mercedes Benzes by the hundreds). So it shouldn't be too much of a surprise to see this LA Times report that witnesses at Saddam's trial are recanting their testimony and alleging they'd been bribed by Saddam's lawyers.

The report doesn't mention involvement by Ramsey Clark in the bribe scheme. We're not lucky enough to have that happen and result in Clark cooling his heels in an Iraqi jail for a coupla years. Pity.

Re: Enemies List

By on 6.13.06 | 11:59AM

Prowler: Let's not forget Joe Wilson in the catalog of losers. I have a reporter friend who was standing next to Wilson when Jason Leopold's bogus scoop that Rove's indictment was imminent flashed on Wilson's Blackberry. Wilson, goes the hearsay, was enthusiastic and utterly credulous-- when a prominent liberal columnist involved in the conversation (rhymes with Smellanor Swift) wondered if was a reputable source and the story could be trusted, Wilson declared firmly, "It's true."

How do you suppose he reacted this morning?