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GOP Strategist Castrates Balz

By on 11.1.06 | 10:51AM

I am all for journalists using anonymous sources in appropriate circumstances, like when they are unable to obtain important information otherwise for stories that hold government accountable. But The Washington Post's Dan Balz, in an election "analysis" piece (not labeled as such, at least on the Web site) that discusses whether President Bush is a boon or a drag on the Republican ticket, unnecessarily and annoyingly grants anonymity to a source.

And I Have No Sense Of Irony

By on 11.1.06 | 10:12AM

Reading this article in the New York Times (hat tip: Best of the Web), I couldn't help but recall this passage found in a personal ad on a dating website that I saw a few weeks back:

I am open minded, independent, appreciate different cultures, and love a good political conversation. But...if you are conservative and pro-war, then don't bother.

Democrat Goose

By on 10.31.06 | 1:25PM

Maybe John Kerry would have been better off donning hunting gear and bagging some goose in Ohio. Instead he shot himself in the foot and his beloved party -- right between the eyes. But JFK remains a gift that keeps on giving in other ways too. His first explanation was that he was actually referring to Bush, ha, ha, a rather stupid thing to say if only because Bush had better grades than Kerry at Yale. Now he's apparently revised that to say it was all a joke. In other words, it was something he picked up last Christmas in Cambodia. Who needs an Osama intervention when we have John Kerry reporting for duty instead?

Re: Kerry and U.S. Troops

By on 10.31.06 | 1:20PM

This is the real John Kerry, everything anyone needs to know about the man. His defenders will be out any moment to claim that what he said wasn't meant to slight the troops, and Kerry himself will respond with his usual weasel qualifications, but it's there for anyone who wants to listen.

This goes beyond the traditional lefty critique of military service as class-based victimhood. Instead, Kerry places the "blame" for being a soldier on the troops themselves: if you hadn't been out drinking beer and chasing girls all the time, loser, you wouldn't be worried about IEDs right now. You'd be doing something really useful to humanity, like writing ad copy or studying post-structuralism. You'd probably be invited to parties where you could talk about global life expectancy charts, early child learning, and global warming. Your life would have attained the highest desirable state, that of complete removal of all risk and danger and the pursuit of abstraction. Your hands would be soft, your skin fully moisturized, and your fiber intake right where it needs to be. Instead, you threw it all away.

Kerry and U.S. Troops

By on 10.31.06 | 12:08PM

I'm sure by now most readers saw John Kerry's comments:

You know, education, if you make the most of it, if you study hard and you do your homework, and you make an effort to be smart, you, you can do well. If you don’t, you get stuck in Iraq/>/>.

In case you haven't seen the video, you can watch it here.

Bloomy and ‘08

By on 10.31.06 | 10:56AM

Bold prediction: New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg will not be our next president.

Richard Cohen has a column in today's Washington Post speculating that the billionaire "might" run, and he bases this on some groundbreaking investigative reporting:

I say "might" because Bloomberg has gone from the firm "no" he offered me some months ago to a more intriguing "I'm considering it" that he offered someone I talked with recently. Indeed, among this city's moneyed, journalistic (not, alas, the same thing), entertainment, financial and other sorts of elites, there are always one or two at the table who say, with great solemnity, that they happen to know Bloomberg will indeed run for president as an independent. Knowing my duty, I called the Bloomberg people and asked if that is the case. By press time, as they say in the movies, I had yet to hear back. I take that as a wobbly affirmation.