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Plame Known as CIA Operative Before July 14, 2003

By on 10.28.05 | 2:07PM

I'm not sure how this impacts the charges against Scooter Libby, but one of Fitzgerald's claims in the indictment press release doesn't hold up:

Prior to July 14, 2003, Valerie Wilson's employment status was classified. Prior to that date, her affiliation with the CIA was not common knowledge outside the intelligence community. (pg. 2)

This contradicts much of what we have known for years about this case: Valerie Plame/Wilson's identity was a rather open secret in Washington. Fitzgerald's right if by intelligence community, he means the Beltway community. I believe it was David Frum who said a while back that if she's driving over Chain Bridge everyday from her D.C. home she can't be that undercover.

Anyway, Bob Novak detailed his experience with this in an Oct. 1, 2003 column:

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Paul Begala, Perjury Expert

By on 10.28.05 | 1:44PM

Paul Begala is higher than a kite on CNN. The Libby indictment has triggered his surprisingly sensitive conscience, inspiring a newfound distaste for perjury in the course of answering questions about a noncrime. He declares that Libby's indictment "will consume the rest of the Bush presidency." When Human Events editor Terry Jeffrey pointed out that the underlying matter here is substanceless political nonsense, Begala shushed him, saying that "perjury" is the issue.

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OSC Website

By on 10.28.05 | 1:38PM

Here is where you'll find the indictment and press release.

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Feeding Frenzy

By on 10.28.05 | 1:26PM

The networks all broke into daytime TV to announce the Libby indictment. Thousands of soap opera fans just shouted "What? Who?"

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Quick Take

By on 10.28.05 | 1:20PM

This is a terrible day for Lewis Libby and his family. Given the financial cost and emotional toll these kinds of things take, we wouldn't wish this on anyone but a Democrat.

But the MSM take right now that this is an indictment that is going to rock the White House and shake this President is spinning what three weeks ago was a rumored18, five to ten count indictments story that turned out to be something far less than that (Libby aside).

For weeks senior Democrats on Capitol Hill and along K Street lawyers sympathetic to Democrats have been feeding reporters - and people like us - "sourcing" on the Fitzgerald investigation. Left-wing bloggers like Raw Story, Daily Kos and Steve Clemons have been eating it up and putting it out there for all to read and hear.

The White House will get past this fairly quickly. The notion that somehow this President is boxed in is ridiculous, and will proven so within a month, when, with a strong Supreme Court nominee and a solid spending cut bill moving through Congress, the media is talking about how Bush once again is the great political escape artist.

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Libby Indicted

By on 10.28.05 | 12:59PM

One count of obstruction of justice, 2 counts of making false statments, and 2 count of perjury. More info to come...

UPDATE: Charges corrected from earlier.

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Re: Tinseltown

By on 10.28.05 | 11:10AM

My favorite line about hypocrisy (another idea that gets a bum rap) is by La Rouchefoucauld, "Hypocrisy is the homage that vice pays to virtue." In The De-moralization of Society, Gertrude Himmelfarb skillfully employed this notion to show the moral advantage that Victorian morals had on modern culture -- they may not have behaved, but at least they acknowledged how they ought to behave.

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With Friends Like NOW…

By on 10.28.05 | 10:57AM

The National Organization of Women wants Sandra Day O'Connor to stay on the court in the wake of Miers' withdrawal. Let's hope for conservative jurists not in the mold of O'Connor.

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Attention, Tinseltown-Watchers

By on 10.28.05 | 10:57AM

Former TAS assitant managing editor/assitant web editor Jeremy Lott is writing a book about hypocrisy (defending it), and needs help with the chapter on Hollywood.

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