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Yo, Gov. Timmy

By on 1.31.06 | 9:10PM

So how many redrafts of his speech has Gov. Kaine done in the past thirty or forty minutes? I'd hate to be his speech writer about now.

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Oedipal Confusion

By on 1.31.06 | 9:06PM

Am consulting my Oxford Shakespeare, specially the two Lear versions, to figure out the reference to "two of my dad's favorite baby-boomers, me and President Clinton."

Is this Oedipal game disguised as sibling rivalry? Does Bill Clinton have a new father? Does POTUS expect that the next presidential race will turn on his ability to embrace the opposition's nomination's legal relative?

Elizabethan parlor games here, poison tongues are somewhere in the room. Calling Thackeray for an update.

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The Party of No

By on 1.31.06 | 9:03PM

Against medical liability reform. They'd rather federalize health care.

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Entitlements Commission

By on 1.31.06 | 9:00PM

A commission? We don't need a commission. We know the Social Security solution. We need action.

Interestingly: when was the last time that only the opposition party applauded something they sarcastically liked in the SOTU?

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Blunt swallows and smiles

By on 1.31.06 | 8:58PM

Earmark reform, favors Boehner and Shadegg. Blunt swallows and smiles. Did POTUS just tip the scale toward a second ballot?

Yikes. Blunt scrambles the jets.

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Earmark Reform

By on 1.31.06 | 8:57PM

For a brief moment, when John McCain obnoxiously clapped, I remembered why I liked him in 2000.

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Re: Terrorist Surveillance Program

By on 1.31.06 | 8:57PM

I don't think there will be a starker image from the speech tonight for the American viewer than the sight of one half of the chamber sitting on its hands at the President's words. It's most of what anyone needs to know to distinguish the parties.

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GOP leadership

By on 1.31.06 | 8:56PM

Tax cuts. Listening to see if this segment favors Blunt, Boehner, Shadegg?

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