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Jimmy Greenspoon, R.I.P.

By on 3.12.15 | 9:18AM

Jimmy Greenspoon, the longtime keyboard player for Three Dog Night passed away yesterday from cancer. He was 67.

Greenspoon was an original member of Three Dog Night and was touring with them until earlier this year.

His keyboards can be heard in such Three Dog Night classics like "One", "Mama Told Me Not to Come" and "Joy to the World".

On a personal note, I've had the opportunity to see Three Dog Night perform several times. Their music holds up quite well and they remain a very a good live band. It will be nearly impossible to replace him.


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Two Ferguson Police Officers Shot & In Serious Condition

By on 3.12.15 | 8:42AM

Early this morning, two Ferguson police officers were shot outside the Ferguson police station and are in serious condition as of this writing.

I guess neither Eric Holder's report last week nor the resignation of Ferguson police chief Thomas Jackson yesterday is enough.

These so-called protesters want dead cops.

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Anthony Weiner’s Twitter Lady Snags Another Democrat

By on 3.11.15 | 3:45PM

It's been all Clinton all the time in my news feed, so we're definitely due for a palate cleanser. 

While we've all been reliving the most important sex scandal of the 1990s (outside of anything that happened on Beverly Hills: 90210), why shouldn't we also relive the most important sex scandal in the history of 2013? Anthony Weiner may have sworn off sexting women on Twitter, at least, as far as we know, in favor of just simply berating random people in the virtual space on rare occasions, but his DM partner-turned-adult film star Sydney Leathers has not similarly sworn off social media. And, thanks to Amazon receipts obtained by gossip website, The Dirty, we know that she's still in the same field: conducting virtual trysts with Democratic politicians.

Sydney Leathers is back. The woman at the center of former congressman Anthony Weiner's (D-N.Y.) 2013 sexting scandal is at the center of another, this time with an Indiana state lawmaker.

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Petition to Charge Sen. Tom Cotton With Treason Gets Fewer Signatures than “Deport Justin Bieber”

By on 3.11.15 | 2:01PM

I've heard more about the Logan Act from armchair political science scholars in my Facebook feed in two days than I heard in actual political science classes. 

This is all because, apparently, a bunch of Senators who wrote a letter confirming that the Obama Administration couldn't unilaterly approve a nuclear technology treaty with Iran without first consulting Congress. Suddenly, they're "siding with hardliners" (as though there is anything but in Iran) and undermining the authority of the President (to do, what, exactly?), even though John Kerry himself admits that nothing hammered out with Iran is final or legally biding. As fantastic as the letter has been for Obama's standup comedy career, it does drive home the point that any agreement reached is temporary, at best.

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Bill Clinton Doesn’t Use Email

By on 3.11.15 | 1:28PM

If you found it hard to imagine that Bill Clinton was just sending loads of email to his wife, after she excused some of her missing private emails yesterday by noting that they were from the former President, you weren't alone. In fact, it seems Bill Clinton can't really remember much in the way of electronic communication with Hillary either.

It turns out that, in his life and despite his private server with several private email addresses set up, Bill has sent exactly two emails in his entire life: one to astronaut John Glenn and one to troops serving abroad. And none to his wife. 

If Hillary Clinton’s emails are eventually cracked open, don’t expect to see any juicy correspondence with her husband—or any correspondence at all. Bill Clinton doesn’t use email.

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AP Sues State for Hillary’s Emails

By on 3.11.15 | 12:20PM

The State Department may have initiated the request for Hillary's emails, but it seems they weren't overly specific in terms of what they were looking for. Their oversight may end up testing the boundaries of the Freedom of Information Act.

The Associated Press filed a lawsuit today in an attempt to force the State Department to release certain key emails authored or in the possession of one Hillary Rodham Clinton. Apparently, the AP has been filing FOIA request after FOIA request for years, seeking a response, and the State Department has been reticent to address them. One such FOIA request has been languishing for five years. And so, in light of Secretary Clinton's statements on the subject (including that 30,000 of her emails are now lost to the "brown file"), they're taking their request to the courts.

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Welcome to the 1990s

By on 3.10.15 | 7:48PM

How amusing to see what the Clintons have been up to. We’ve all been there before, but what I especially like is the reaction from the Left. I recall what they said after Bill left the White House, amidst the corrupt pardons and the attempt to steal George W. Bush’s thunder with a very public party during his inauguration. “We’ll never trust them again,” the Left told us. “We’ve learned our lesson. You were right. They’re lying scum.” As indeed they are. But I’d give the Hillary email scandal a half-life of 12 minutes, after the Left realizes that they’re the only game in town for them. 

Do you remember Barry Goldwater? The sainted junior Senator, Jim Buckley? They were the people from our side who delivered the message to Richard Nixon that it was quittin’ time. And are we to think that they, the noblest Republicans of all, were merely patsies?

That is what the Left invites us to think.

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How Will Democrats & MSNBC React to Hillary’s E-Mail Press Conference?

By on 3.10.15 | 6:45PM

It goes without saying that conservatives aren't buying Hillary Clinton's "I didn't want to use two phones" explanation when she, in fact, admitted she had been using multiple phones.

The question here is how will Democrats and the liberal media, MSNBC in particular, react.

Remember it was just a couple of days ago that Dianne Feinstein said that Hillary needed to speak up

I doubt that Feinstein would have the felt the need to do so if MSNBC hadn't been focusing so much of its energy on it as the exchange between Andrea Mitchell and James Carville demonstrates.

So will Democrats and MSNBC close ranks around Hillary?

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What’s the Safest Way to Transport Oil?

By on 3.10.15 | 4:12PM

An overturned tanker truck spilled about 1,100 gallons of fuel on the I-95 in Prince George’s County outside Washington earlier today.  Meanwhile, back at the White House, Obama worries about the safety of an oil pipeline.

And the past month has seen four oil-train accidents in Canada.

And in the White House, Barack Obama worries about the safety of the proposed Keystone oil pipeline.

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Nuclear Tit for Tat in the Middle East

By on 3.10.15 | 4:02PM

The Washington Post reports this morning that “on Monday Pakistan test-fired a ballistic missile that appears capable of carrying a nuclear warhead,” the Shaheen-III, which “has a range of up to 1,700 miles.” The Post would like us to believe that Pakistan was sending a message to its long-time rival, India, even as it puzzles over the visit the week before between India’s foreign secretary and Pakistani diplomats in Islamabad, presumably to improve relations.

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