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Hankerin’ For a Brawl

By on 10.28.05 | 9:20AM

The second biggest disappointment with the Miers nomination was the missed opportunity for a brawl in the Senate. Conservatives wanted badly to pull the nuclear/constitutional/whatever-word's-in-vogue-this-week option, and choosing a cipher with Harry Reid's support effectively ruled that out. So you can bet many folks are of the same mind as the Wall Street Journal today:

The best way Mr. Bush can counter the "capitulation" charges is to show that he's not afraid of a political fight. He said yesterday that he will act quickly to name a new nominee, and we hope he'll select someone who can't be challenged on grounds of credentials--even if it means a Senate battle over judicial philosophy.

Let's have it out. Be unafraid, Mr. President.

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Last Night

By on 10.28.05 | 8:57AM

Dave: Not just a conspiracy. The conspiracy my dear chap. Last night was proof that the VRWC is not only alive and well, but thriving. And, after last night, reinvigorated.

Which is good timing, considering the likely events of today. Two, maybe three indictments from Fitzgerald, possibly including a senior White House official not before mentioned in this context. Stay tuned.

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A Conspiracy Dines

By on 10.28.05 | 12:58AM

"Conspiracy" really gets a bad rap. I mean, really, let's go to its root words. Literally, it means "to breath together." And what better company for conspiring than American Spectator writers and editors, current and former, and assorted "hangers on," an Justice Scalia put it. Best of all was a tribute to the man who makes this website possible everyday, who is at the heart of TAS, and mentored so many young writers, Wlady Pleszczynski. Bill McGurn had affectionate words for Wlady, remembering his early days in Bloomington. Bob Tyrrell warmly thanked Wlady for his 25 years of 12 hour days and fighting the good fight "through all these thins and downs, these thicks and these ups."

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SCOTUS Scuttlebutt

By on 10.28.05 | 12:43AM

Word inside the White House late Thursday night was that Judge Samuel Alito was once again the leading candidate to be nominated to the Supreme Court. Recall that prior to the Miers nomination, Alito was considered the leading candidate.

Word is that the nomination could come as early as Friday morning. Judge Michael Luttig also appears to be in the running.

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More From U. Chicago

By on 10.28.05 | 12:42AM

For timely advanced political thinking from the University of Chicago, check out this announcement, sent out yesterday by the U.C. Dems -- who for some reason take their orders from the comrades at DePaul:

Bush Bash! The DePaul Dems are throwing a Bush Bash tomorrow night that will celebrate (hopefully) the indictment of some of our favorite Bush Administration personalities. Dress up as a Republican and party with Democrats uptown.

Come dressed as Inmate #021051020624 otherwise known as Tom DeLay. Don a flight suit and pretend you too served in the National Guard,like our dear President. Or perhaps you could be what Harriet Meirs [sic] couldn't: an Associate Justice on the Supreme Court.

A whole troupe of us will be taking the 173 Northward at around 9 PM on Friday....

Don't miss that bus!

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Dinner with Ben

By on 10.28.05 | 12:40AM

The American Spectator's Washington Club Dinner was a huge success. We won't belabor the play by play like other conservative websites and Chatty Kathies beyond saying the Ben Stein was great, Judge Scalia was a reminder of what a Supreme Court Justice should be, and Bob Tyrrell was in top form.

Honored was the Wall Street Journal's ageless wonder George Melloan, who was recipient of the Barbara Olson Award. The bigger news was the announcement of an annual dinner to honor the late WSJ editor Robert Bartley.

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Fitzgerald Update

By on 10.27.05 | 10:56PM

A Manhattan-based gossip rag called the New York Times provides more scuttlebutt: Libby to be indicted, Rove not (at least not tomorrow).

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Senatorial Courtesy

By on 10.27.05 | 3:29PM

Sen. Trent Lott, ever the Southern gentleman:

"Let's move on," said Republican Sen. Trent Lott of Mississippi. "In a month, who will remember the name Harriet Miers?"
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Great M&A News

By on 10.27.05 | 3:29PM

The Justice Department today approved the SBC-AT&T and Verizon-MCI mergers. This is wonderful news from a Justice Department with the most hostile antitrust shop since the Carter Administration.

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