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President Persian Paranoid Still Missing

By on 1.27.06 | 3:16PM

Speculation about the missing Persian bloodhound Ahmadinejad: Why does he disappear for a week of work days after returning from war council with al-Assads and (reportedly) Mugniyeh at Damascus?

A national air defense exercise is one rational if apparently disproportionate explanation.

But are the Tehran tyrants truly expecting a bombing run at them now, or near to now, when the IAEA meeting and the Russian nuclear fuel cycle negotiation fail? Is the Tehran tyranny so discontinuous from the Great Satan and his kind that the leadership misreads us this wildly?


More bluntly, the record suggests that Persian paranoia is justified. The record suggests that it would be irrational and irresponsible for Ahmadinejad not to plan for a strike along with a coup, assassinations, general all weather subversion by the Great Satan.

For example, the record shows that on August 2, 1953, the Tehran population voted freely and openly 99.9% in favor of giving the then-superstar Premier Mohammed Mossadegh the power to dissolve the troublesome, British and US and Russian purchased Majlis and to run Iran as a nation yearning to be free.

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Tonight on Larry Kudlow

By on 1.27.06 | 1:35PM

Tonight, our very own Jed Babbin will be a guest on CNBC's Kudlow and Company. Tune in between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m.

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A Chink in Russert’s Armor

By on 1.27.06 | 11:13AM

As John Tabin mentioned earlier this week, Tim Russert's drawing fire for flacking his son's (and James Carville's) sports show on XM. Arianna Huffington's attacks (Russert's her perennial whipping boy) this week have drawn blood from the NBC press office (hat tip: fishbowlDC).

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Still Not Getting It

By on 1.27.06 | 10:45AM

Over at TAPPED, Sam Rosenfeld writes:

There simply isn't an actual dispute between the administration and its critics about the legality of the spying program. The president himself says, in so many words, that FISA was inadequate to the task at hand, so they broke that law. To be sure, he then hammers the podium and yells out a meaningless "This program is legal!" But the substance of what he's saying doesn't even dispute that the program is, in fact, technically illegal.
Um, no. What the administration is arguing is that FISA doesn't apply. To know whether this is true or not, you'd have to know the technical details of the operation. We don't, and shouldn't. But the sources inside the government who opposed the program and leaked to James Risen weren't concerned about FISA, they were concerned about the Fourth Amendment (and the caselaw generally runs against them on this).
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Re: Kerry’s Fumble

By on 1.27.06 | 10:40AM

Dave, the New York Times's coverage is even better than you suggest. How's this for an argent quote about Jean-François? "Democrats cringed and Republicans jeered at the awkwardness of his gesture..."

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The Dope Tax

By on 1.27.06 | 10:03AM

Is it really as absurd as Jay Homnick argues that it is to tax an illegal product? Since sentencing is harsher for sale of drugs without the tax stamp, it's just the sort of protection money we all pay to the government to avoid loss of liberty. It's a raw deal, since as Homnick points out, drug dealers don't get quite the service from government that legitimate businesses get: You can't call the cops if your stash is stolen, and the courts won't enforce a contract with your supplier. But given that, as Homnick acknowleges, "there is a long-standing practice of not excluding illegal income or purchases" from taxation, it would seem that that ship has sailed.

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Kerry Flirts with Lefty

By on 1.27.06 | 9:41AM

Senate source identifies possible explanation for francophiliac junior senator leaving comfy Davos pillows and flinging his windsurfing muscles at dreary Washington (he arrives Dulles noontime) in winter to take charge of filibuster fight on Alito.

Westchester mom and junior senator from New York Clinton has quit the left in her latest version of Republican lite -- howls of body armor, Amtrak armored cars, nuke Iran now, billions for defense not one cent for tribulations.

This leaves Lefty without a dance partner in the run-up to the primaries in '08. So Kerry can grab Lefty's hand, whisper and grin, and Lefty (overweight, shy, vitriolic, but a cup of sugar underneath the Michael Moore fashion line) will pause and smile at Kerry.

Is it enough for Kerry to get an edge in Iowa and New Hampshire? Speculation into the miracle of the Dem logic is not my skill set.

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No More Border Maps

By on 1.27.06 | 8:12AM

The Mexican government will no longer distribute border maps for illegal immigrants, reports the Washington Times. Despite U.S. action on the matter in recent days, the Mexico insists its decision was independent of outside pressure.

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The Votes Just Ain’t There

By on 1.27.06 | 7:49AM

California Yankee reports that at least nine Democrats will vote against a filibuster. The Filibuster from Massachusetts won't last long unless they can peel off from these nine.

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