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Poll Parsing

By on 12.8.05 | 9:37AM

More on the raw data from that New York Times/CBS poll:

-Support for the President's handling of the war in Iraq is up 4 points.

-48 percent approve of his handling of the war on terror in general, versus 45 who disapprove. The approval is only up by 1 point.

-Congress's approval rating is much lower than the President's, though virtually unchanged at 33 percent approve, 53 percent disapprove.

-However, numbers for respondents' individual members of Congress are up to 60 percent approval from 57 percent.

-An understanding of the economy's red hot performance seems to have broken through: 55 percent say the economy is in fairly good or very good condition, up from 47 percent. 35 percent still believe the economy is getting worse, 19 percent think it's improving.

-59 percent abortion should be not permitted or at least restricted.

-Sam Alito's numbers are barely registering, with 14 percent favorable and 10 percent unfavorable. The smears against him haven't taken hold.

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Front Page Good News

By on 12.8.05 | 7:20AM

You'll find President Bush's poll numbers on the front page of the New York Times today. Perhaps conservative cajoling is beginning to work. The latest New York Times/CBS poll finds Bush's approval rating at 40 percent.

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On the Move

By on 12.7.05 | 9:56PM

KUWAIT CITY -- We're on the move into Iraq in about an hour. (It's now 0640 in Kuwait City). The flight was very long, but tolerable. We were whisked through customs last night and managed to get a decent calzone at a place near the hotel. We'll be met by our military escorts who will issue body armor and helmets in a few minutes. Then on to a C-130 for the flight to Baghdad. More later as computer access becomes available.

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Smoking Nags on the March

By on 12.7.05 | 2:46PM

They won again today, this time in Chicago.

We received some interesting comments on my earlier post on the D.C. smoking ban. This issue seems to test conservatives who may personally enjoy smoke-free restaurants, but believe in limited government. Good conservative friends argue, "But my clothes don't smell like smoke at the end of the night." Surely, there's a better justification -- somewhere -- for the imposition of smoking bans. Yet that's what the pro-ban arguments boil down to: a pleasant eating experience. If conservatives believe that is government's business, limited government is dead. D.C. Councilman Carol Schwartz offered a compromise resolution which would ban smoking except in businesses that install high powered fans to clean the air, etc. In other words, businesses could eliminate the health risk. The D.C. Council roundly rejected her proposal.

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“An Enormous Defeat”

By on 12.7.05 | 2:00PM

So says Andrew Cochran over at the Counterterrorism Blog regarding Sami Al-Arian's acquittal yesterday on 8 of the 17 charges brought against him. Cochran calls it "the most important terrorism-related trial in the U.S. since the 9/11 attacks." Worse, he concludes that "the verdicts are an enormous defeat for the Justice Department and, I predict, will have a chilling effect on all planned terrorism prosecutions, especially in Florida … Yes, the government can retry Al-Arian on the deadlocked counts, but realistically, that will be very tough."

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I Gave Clinton My Money…

By on 12.7.05 | 1:42PM

...and all I got was a lousy T-shirt. This quid pro quo is truly a bummer. You used to be able to give the Clintons money and receive in exchange a night in the Lincoln Bedroom or loosened export controls on key military technology.

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