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The Morning Spectacle: Labor Relations

By on 9.4.15 | 4:00AM

It's a holiday weekend in just a few short hours.

In Our Sights

Yesterday, Donald Trump signed a "loyalty pledge," apparently reassuring the Republican Party that he will not run a third-party campaign if he's not selected as the GOP nominee. The agreement is non-binding, and while the Republicans provided the pledge, Trump provided the tower it was signed in. 

In 2009, Hillary Clinton held a lovely dinner for several representatives of for-profit schools. Shortly after, Bill Clinton began cashing hefty checks from Laureate International, one of the schools Hillary Clinton had hosted. Shortly after that, Laureate International received a generous State Department grant. How convenient.

Are We Keeping You Up?

By on 9.3.15 | 8:04PM

Those of skeptical mind might think the woman in the white cap at this Jeb! campaign event is a plant, sent here by that clever dog Donald Trump to demonstrate what a low energy guy Jeb! is. But those who listen to Jeb!’s remarks here will no longer think so. It’s a minor miracle that the rest of the folks in the room could answer the bell at the end of this. I hope they then didn’t have to drive or operate heavy equipment. It’s not that the subject isn’t important. But that Jeb!’s treatment of it is narcoleptic.

After a campaign in which he did not win the presidency, former Kansas Senator Bob Dole became a spokesman for Viagra. Perhaps after he doesn’t win the Republican presidential nomination next year, Jeb! will become a pitch-man for NoDoz.

Pigskin Pig-Headedness

By on 9.3.15 | 5:32PM

Well, that didn’t take long. A federal judge Thursday morning nullified NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s suspension of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady for Brady’s alleged involvement in an inconsequence called deflate-gate. But before the ink had dried on Judge Richard Berman’s 40-page opinion, the NFL appealed Brady’s appeal of the original ruling.

Terrific. This appeal will likely take months. And if it goes against him, Brady could appeal the appeal of the appeal. If this keeps up, the final final decision on this silly matter can be read out at Brady’s retirement party. After all, Brady is 38. A fine age for a movie leading man. Long in the tooth for an NFL player.

Hillary Clinton’s IT Aide Will Plead the Fifth if Subpoenaed

By on 9.3.15 | 4:35PM

Hillary Clinton's IT squad is scheduled to report to Congress shortly, to discuss the then-Secretary of State's questionable email choices. But, as it turns out, at least one person with direct knowledge of Clinton's email setup - her most trusted IT aide - has already lawyered up and is now refusing to testify, citing the Fifth Amendment.

Bryan Pagliano has worked for Clinton since her 2008 campaign, and joined State alongside his former boss, working primarily in the IT department. He's probably not loking at a rosy career ahead of him on her team now.

A former State Department staffer who worked on Hillary Rodham Clinton’s private e-mail server tried this week to fend off a subpoena to testify before Congress, saying he would assert his constitutional right not to answer questions to avoid incriminating himself.

Kim Davis Is Wrong, But So Is Jailing Her

By on 9.3.15 | 4:21PM

Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who refused issue same-sex marriage licenses, has now been hauled off to jail for defying a court order to issue said licenses.

I think Davis is in the wrong for not issuing the licenses. Davis might dislike gay marriage with a passion, but it is now legal in Kentucky via the Supreme Court and, provided same sex couples meet all other requirements for obtaining a marriage license, she should not impede them.

Goodell Sacked

By on 9.3.15 | 12:30PM

It’s good to see the over-inflated Roger Goodell thrown for a loss.

A federal judge has ruled that the NFL’s Grand Poobah cannot suspend New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady over the ridiculous deflate-gate kerfuffle, which has gone on way longer than its lack of importance justifies.

Judge Richard M. Berman of the Federal District Court in Manhattan did not pass judgment on whether Brady tampered with footballs in the AFC Championship game against the Indianapolis Colts, but ruled that under the collective bargaining agreement with the players union Goodell did not have the authority to put Brady on the porch for four games on the basis of what the NFL investigation turned up (which was pretty vague stuff).

Federal Judge Overturns Tom Brady Suspension (Or Jimmy Garoppolo Era Put on Hold)

By on 9.3.15 | 12:12PM

For once Boston is cheering New York. Judge Richard Berman, a federal court judge in Manhattan, has overturned New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s 4-game suspension for the Deflate-gate scandal.

The suspension was handed down in May and upheld by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell back in July. Brady promptly filed suit. I didn’t think the courts would get involved, but Judge Berman decided not to punt.

All of this means that is that the Jimmy Garoppolo era has been put on hold. Brady could start the season opener against the Pittsburgh Steelers one week from tonight. The ratings will be through the roof for NBC.