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Why Ben Carson Reminds Me of Mark Wahlberg

By on 10.7.15 | 7:56PM

Just as it's easy for President Obama to say we should "politicize" the shooting at Umpqua Community College and that "common sense gun laws" would have stopped such a shooting, it is equally easy for Ben Carson to say that if confronted by a gunman that he would have rushed the shooter. Carson told Fox & Friends, "Not only would I probably not cooperate with him, I would not just stand there and let him shoot me, I would say, ‘Hey guys, everybody attack him. He may shoot me, but he can’t get us all.'"

Chances are that he, along with nearly all of us, will never find himself in that position. And, unlike nearly all of us, there is a good chance he will soon be afforded Secret Service protection. So in the event he is confronted by a gunman, it would be the Secret Service that takes responsibility for his security.

A Historic Cubs Year

By on 10.7.15 | 4:28PM

Since the end of the war (meaning the Big One that ended in ’45), the Chicago Cubs have done best under former Tampa Bay Rays managers. The runaway success of the Cardinals and Pirates this year has somewhat masked what Joe Maddon and his Cubs have accomplished. Since 1945, this year’s 97 wins has been equaled only once, in 2008, when Sweet Lou Piniella was the manager. Maddon enjoyed some winning seasons at Tampa Bay before coming to the Cubs. Piniella didn’t.

FBI May Have Located Another Backup Server for Hillary Clinton’s Email

By on 10.7.15 | 4:01PM

Hillary Clinton may have thought that by hiring a small-time data firm twelve states away from where she lived was the key to keeping Republicans from scanning through her email, but the FBI wasn't dumb enough to stop at a single backup server. 

A second private technology company, Datto, based in Connecticut, also, apparently, has several months or weeks (or, perhaps, even years) worth of Hillary Clinton's backup data. That means that even though Platte River, her original company, may have deleted all remaining information off her basement server, there might still be some record of at least part of her server use. 

The FBI’s probe into the security of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s e-mail has expanded to include a second private technology company, which said Tuesday it plans to provide the law enforcement agency with data it preserved from Clinton’s account.

Speaker of the House Race Belongs to No One (Yet)

By on 10.7.15 | 3:14PM

There are several House Republicans vying for the Speaker slot, but none of them have cornered the market, reportedly, on enough votes to boost them into the top slot. 

The three frontrunners, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-CA.., House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz, R-UT ., and Rep. Daniel Webster, R-FL ., all have strong bids, it seems, but before they're allowed to hold a vote, the three must sell themselves to the House conservative committees, all of whom have their own variety act for the next Speaker to perform in order to win their endorsement. So far, the crowd isn't impressed with anyone, at least according to key voters. 

Conservatives emerged from a late Tuesday night gathering in which they questioned a trio of candidates to be the next House speaker, only to report that none of the three has likely secured the support of the 218 Republicans needed to win when the election takes place Oct. 29.

Back by Popular Demand

By on 10.7.15 | 12:26PM

Jay Leno has always been more politically even-handed than other late-night comics (and, from where I sit, the funniest). TAS regulars will love his line about if Sanders is elected he would be the first socialist to win since 2008. The tortoise and the bad hair is also memorable.

Houston Has No Problem With The Yankees

By on 10.6.15 | 11:34PM

The Houston Astros have won the AL Wild Card game defeating the New York Yankees 3-0 at Yankee Stadium. 

I didn't think Dallas Keuchel would do much on three days rest against Masahiro Tanaka, but Keuchel went six scoreless innings combining with Tony Sipp, Will Harris and Luke Gregerson on a three-hit shutout. The only chance the Yankees had was in the sixth when A-Rod was up with runners on first and second with two out, but he flied out to center to end the inning. As it turned out, Houston had no problem.

The Astros got their runs on two solo home runs off Tanaka by Colby Rasmus in the 2nd and Carlos Gomez in the 4th. They would add a run in the seventh on a Jose Altuve single off Dellin Betances. 

Houston advances to the ALDS against the Kansas City Royals starting Thursday night in K.C. I think the Astros can take the Royals.

If the Astros somehow win the AL pennant they will become the first team in MLB history to represent both leagues in the World Series. They won the NL pennant in 2005 which was their last post-season appearance until now.

Twitter Lights Up Over Mag Declaring Kardashians the “First Family”

By on 10.6.15 | 2:07PM

Cosmopolitan is not the world's foremost political magazine, not by a long shot. Occasionally, yes, it tries to take itself more seriously than it has any right to do, launching "voter drives" and "information campaigns" encouraging college-aged women to vote, but such efforts always seem to vastly underestimate women's intelligence, either by insisting that women vote in lock-step and often with nothing other than their ladyparts in mind, or by simply insulting women outright.

If the "bus full of male models" stunt doesn't fully inform you of Cosmo's seriousness on the issue, perhaps this video will help enlighten you.

Joe Biden Reportedly Leaked Beau Biden’s Dying Wish Himself

By on 10.6.15 | 12:23PM

You'll nary hear me utter an unkind word about Joe Biden - after all, the man is a silver fox - but the time is drawing close where I'm going to have to adjust how I feel about the man who haunts my dreams with his yellow corvette, his REO Speedwagon, his aviator sunglasses, and his kegs of Natty Lite, since it seems, more and more, like he'll join the race for President.

Joe Biden will likely wait until after the first Democratic Presidential debate, to see how badly Hillary fares and to capitalize on the public's abject terror at having Bernie Sanders, a man who's hairdo is inspired by electroshock victims, as their nominee, but Biden has already floated Elizabeth Warren as Veep, and now it turns out, he's been laying groundwork for his emotional appeal for some time. According to a special report by POLITICO, it was Joe Biden himself who leaked word that his son, Beau Biden's, dying wish was that Joe run for President.

Joe Biden has been making his 2016 deliberations all about his late son since August.