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By on 7.20.06 | 3:17PM

It looked like Armageddon for sure. There on MSNBC was a declaration: "Breaking News!" which went on to say that Israel had dropped a "23-ton bomb" on a Hezbollah bunker in south Beirut. The breaking news item kept reappearing last night during the Scarborough show. Let's see, you wonder, 23 tons is 46-thousand pounds, beyond the capacity of the F-16s being used for the normal work. How did the Israelis deliver such a behemoth, and is there anything left of the Eastern Mediterranean?

It was of course one of those miscommunications which is allowed to perpetuate itself either because producers don't know the difference or aren't watching their product.

The Israeli command had said it had dropped 23-tons of ordnance on that south Beirut target, but not all in one bomb of course. The 23-ton bomb does not exist except in the imagination of a confused television news production assistant. And, perhaps, in the minds of some hapless viewers.

‘Get Whitey’ Laws, Pt 2

By on 7.20.06 | 2:54PM

Reading a column like Michael Daly's makes one realize that it is next-to impossible to parody the left anymore. As you will recall, one Nick Minucci was sentenced to 15 years for beating Glenn Moore with a baseball bat. Minucci was also convicted of a hate crime for using the N-word during the attack. Here is Daly's take on the sentencing:

Glenn Moore has at times played a bit part in this city's troubles and he does not dispute he was up to no good the night Nick Minucci beat him with a baseball bat while uttering a racial epithet.

But, when he stepped up to speak at his assailant's sentencing yesterday, Moore proved he also harbors a small yet precious piece of our city's greatness.

At the same time, Moore taught an important lesson to those of us who tend to divide the world into good guys and bad guys.

Joe-mentum? Not Joe Much

By on 7.20.06 | 11:06AM

The Sen. Joe Lieberman campaign announced that Bill Clinton will be up in Waterbury, Conn., to campaign for the Senator. All while Hillary is declining to publicly do much for her next-state neighbor.

The Clinton arrival comes at the same time as a Quinnipiac poll that shows Lieberman's challenger in the Democrat primary, Ned Lamont, now leading Lieberman by a couple of percentage points. MoveOn and the Kossacks must just be laughing manically about this. After seeing their anti-war babe McKinney essentially lose on Tuesday night (she's in a runoff), this is uplifting news.

There are a number of what we'll call "reasonable" Democrats in Washington and elsewhere watching the Lieberman race closely, not so much because of what it means for Lieberman, but for what the outcome means for the party and the 2008 presidential race. "I don't think people on the far left understand what they are doing," says a Washington-based Democrat political consultant. "It's alarming to a lot of us, and we're not sure why it isn't alarming to more people within the party hierarchy."

Iran Embassy Beirut

By on 7.19.06 | 3:20PM

Two sources, best signals source and best theater source, locate two IDF soldiers abducted by HizbAllah now being held at the Iran Embassy in Beirut. Am told this is not confirmed. Am told this is not for air confirm. This report is now 45 hours old. Emphasize: Not confirm. Watching. Will ask each day. Also, the manpad alert for Gaza and Central Israel continues. Old alert, still on. Confirmed.

Annoying Phrases, Pt 6

By on 7.19.06 | 2:15PM

Tracey Lingo sends this sensible email:

"Disproportionate use of force." Do I really have to explain that one? That's been in the press for the last week since the situation in the Middle East has blown up and I (for one) am quite sick and tired of it. Several pundits have put it better than me: "If rockets were raining down on Chicago or Miami on a daily basis, would you be complaining that our military was using "disproportionate use of force" against the thugs that were dropping those rockets on our cities?"

Tom Cook really dislikes the phrase:

This phrase has quickly become the most annoying noise on news reports. Like a car alarm at 8:00 in the morning, like a mosquito buzzing next to my ear, like a cell phone ringing six levels too loud, the repeated use of this brainless retort sets my nerves on end and nearly causes me to exert a disproportionate use of force against my television.

And Donald Palmer sends these words of wisdom:

McKinney Update

By on 7.19.06 | 9:51AM

It appears the famed pugilist and loudmouth Rep. Cynthia McKinney is headed to a runoff on Aug 8th. Given the makeup of her suburban Atlanta district, there is little hope of a Republican pick up here, but folks we talked to on the ground said the McKinney's staff was surprised she failed to get a majority of the vote in the primary. That means she likely will face off againse Hank Johnson, a lawyer and former local county official.

McKinney showed up her "victory" party last night with Cindy Sheehan in tow. Perhaps they're dating, who knows. Regardless, the fact that McKinney failed to gain a clear majority should be troubling news for the far-left, who have touted McKinney's convictions and courage on the stump to oppose Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Once again, MoveOn appears to have lost yet another election, and one has to wonder how long the MSM can hold off on reporting the abject real-life failures of the extreme leftist political movement in this country.

War Warn 1-5, restated: Gaza/Lebanon Theaters

By on 7.19.06 | 2:04AM

Iran's War Games

July 18, 2006

American observers have long anticipated the strategic offensive by the Islamic Republic of Iran that began with Iranian proxies in Gaza and Lebanon provoking Israel. The next weeks will see Iran maneuver for the global crisis it wants to create by winter. The confrontation at the United Nations Security Council over Iran's refusal to suspend nuclear fuel cycle processing will be the presenting issue; however, the contest is decades in the making and is best understood as Iran's aim to defeat the United States and to establish itself as the pre-ordained hegemon of the Persian Gulf and ummah.

War planning by all sides is well advanced. Israeli strategic plans are now on display. Iran's strategic plans are discernible because Iran has twice in the last months conducted war games that describe what is ahead.

Annoying Phrases, Pt 5

By on 7.18.06 | 5:56PM

More entries keep coming in, and they are of pretty high quality. Herre is a anotheer good one, this from Kate Shaw:

One of the words (next to "disenfranchised") that causes me to grind my teeth is the word "disadvantaged". The dictionary defines 'advantage' this way:

advantage: noun. 1. advantage, reward; benefit resulting from some event or action; "it turned out to my advantage"; "reaping the rewards of generosity"

Yet those who use the word "disadvantaged" seldom mean "lack of benefit due to NOT performing some event or action (such as getting up, getting dressed, packing a lunch and heading off to work)." They mean that the 'disadvantaged' person lacks Goodies that, by implication, they are owed. This follows on another permutation of the same ilk: "less fortunate", and invites us to believe that "fortune" and "advantage" is something that is sifted down upon us from Heaven, regardless of our personal actions, and our "disadvantage" is due solely to the fact that we happened to be standing in the wrong place when the Cosmic Lotto Tickets were scattered from On High.