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Don’t Bet On Them

By on 3.26.06 | 8:41AM

Worried about Hillary? Uninspired by McCain? Fear not. Modern Senators -- over the past 12 decades -- have almost never won the horse race to the White House. And those that did have had rather a tough go...

More on the Yaliban

By on 3.26.06 | 8:26AM

The Yale Daily News has a great piece on the continuing scandal of Rahmatullah Hashemi, former Taliban flak and now Yale student here. Tune in tomorrow to the Hugh Hewitt Show. I'll be subbing for Hugh again and we'll have a lot on this.

As of tomorrow, it will have been thirty days since the story broke, and we've yet heard anything from Yale prez Richard Levin. Maybe you can get a better and 203-432-2550.

Re: The Crying Game

By on 3.24.06 | 8:50PM

Yah, mere mortals! Back! Back! Redick's natural bodily potential has been copped to by none less than Lee Melchionni, Wlady, but that didn't stop J.J. from draining so many un-stymied buckets -- right in the face of players far better than LSU's freshmen -- that the glittering constellations of shattered records that orbit his career bring new meaning to the term distraction. And, Dave, if you really want to make Chris Duhon's kid brother cry, have at it, but remember there are a few guys who didn't quite peak as K-lings: Mike Dunleavy, Luol Deng, Elton Brand, Corey Maggette (praise be not upon him)...

I shall now retire to my gold-glittering cave, to brood in scaly majesty for 203 days, 1 hour, 25 minutes, and 30 seconds...

Re: The Crying Game

By on 3.24.06 | 8:05PM

Not to pile up on Reddick, Poulos, or Duke, but what chance do most Duke players have in the NBA? For the most part, they underperform... or just peak during college years under a great system.

Re: The Crying Game

By on 3.24.06 | 7:42PM

My sympathies, James. Any time Duke loses, since it happens so rarely, its fans I'm sure have no resort but to howl at the moon and find consolation in Duke's natural superiority over the lesser forms of life the school deigns to compete with.

Nonetheless I must insist that J.J. Redick enjoyed plenty of coddling -- for at least two season he's been the darling of a media that has protected him at every turn against the occasional lowlifes that show up at Duke at Maryland games to deride his play. But I've noticed that he can dish it out pretty well himself. Perhaps yesterday if he hadn't spent so much time complaining to the referees that he was being fouled by LSU defenders -- on plays that time and again saw him pushing off in a desperate effort to get open -- his shooting concentration wouldn't have flagged.

It could also be that he was a bit too conscious of his clippings. He's a great shooter and great competitor. But in the stratosphere in which he competes, he's really not a great enough athlete to thrive among those more physically gifted. If an LSU freshman could stymie him, what chances will he have in the NBA?

Married faithful

By on 3.24.06 | 6:36PM

Courtesy of Townhall comes this story which bolsters one of the serious points underlying the predominantly humorous (or so I intended) piece I wrote for this morning's web site. Also, if you have the patience to wait for our May issue of the print magazine, I touch on the same topic again in an article there. Anyway, the point is that Hollywood has it all wrong: Americans do not habitually spend time and energy looking for extramarital pleasures. Adultery is not a way of life. And fidelity remains a virtue honored not just in the breach, but in the faithful observation thereof.

Re: Best Line of the Week

By on 3.24.06 | 6:02PM

Just heard it again. After describing the Dems' vacuity on the war, the Veep said, "If they're competent to fight this war, then I ought to be singing on American Idol." Don't look for Cheney to be crooning any time soon.

Best Line of the Week

By on 3.24.06 | 5:52PM

FNC showed a clip of VP Cheney talking today about the "incompetence" argument the Dems are trying to make against the Bush administration. Wish I'd been fast enough to get it verbatim, but Cheney ripped off the line of the week. Talking about the Dems' competency, he said something to the effect that, "If they're competent to fight this war, I ought to be singing on American Idol."

RedAmerica/State Ruckus

By on 3.24.06 | 3:35PM

For what it's worth Ben Domenech should recall that Sen. Joe Biden's career wasn't hurt much by his acts of plagiarism, nor was the Rev. Martin Luther King's legacy when his acts of academic theft were revealed. The left defended those two men vociferously, and forgave them, while conservatives did not pile on with profanity, insults and worse.

Conservatives have again revealed themselves to be far more principled and fair than their political opponents, and Domenech and his comrades at RedState have behaved honorably when in the face of shameful attacks.

So now we should move on and stop rubbernecking. Let's let the kid catch his breath, and gain some modicum of peace and quiet. Domenech has a future that has the potential to be as bright as Biden's. This, after all is America.

Buy Ben’s Diary

By on 3.24.06 | 2:17PM

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