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Cruz Says He Beats Trump Again & Again, But Not Tonight

By on 3.15.16 | 11:36PM

During Ted Cruz's speech this evening, he told his audience that he was the only Republican candidate who had beaten Donald Trump "over and over again."

While Cruz has won 9 GOP contests, he might come away empty handed tonight. While it is possible that Cruz could pull out a victory in Missouri, it would be a very narrow one and Trump could leave the Show Me state with nearly as many delegates as Cruz. At the beginning of tonight, Trump was leading Cruz by 100 delegates. As of this writing, Trump has more than doubled his lead.

Now Cruz says it's a two man race, but many of the 20 contests remaining are in the Northeast and I see Cruz trailing Kasich in many of those states. 

Cruz's only chance is at a contested convention and even if that comes to pass the odds are very much against the Texas Senator. And let's say Cruz does somehow win the GOP nomination. Can anyone see Trump backing "Lyin' Ted"? Trump would most certainly run a third party bid if he doesn't win the Republican nomination.

I’m Amazed Kasich Has Come This Far

By on 3.15.16 | 11:04PM

John Kasich comfortably defeated Donald Trump in the Ohio GOP Primary by nearly double digits marking his first win of the primary season. 

Now how many people out there thought that Kasich would finish in the Top 3 in the Republican primary race much less outlast Marco Rubio? I certainly didn't think so

Of course, Kasich has no chance of winning the GOP nomination much less another contest, but he could play a big role if there is a contested Republican Convention in Cleveland. There are 20 races between now and June 7th, I see a lot of states where Kasich will probably do better than Ted Cruz (i.e. Wisconsin, New York, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island). Kasich won't exit the stage just yet.


Rubio Departs & With Him Nearly All Semblance of Reason & Sobriety in The Republican Party

By on 3.15.16 | 10:36PM

Marco Rubio has exited the Republican presidential race having lost the Florida Primary to Donald Trump by more than 18 points.

As Rubio leaves the stage so does nearly all semblance of reason and sobriety in the Republican Party. It is remarkable that Republican voters see fit to crucify Rubio for trying to fix our convuluted immigration system, but Trump can have illegal immigrants work on his construction projects and these same people don't bat an eyelash. 

It would appear that a majority of Republicans don't want a candidate who speaks in complete sentences, lives in the real world and puts forward a set of coherent conservative policies. Instead they want a demagogue who is full of easy answers and no way to pay for them. Chances are the people who will pay most dearly are the very people who support Trump the most. In which case, Republican voters will get the candidate they deserve. 

I have a feeling however that this isn't the last we've heard from Marco Rubio. Whether Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton is elected President, it may very well be left to Rubio to clean up their mess.

How Much Longer Can Hillary Continue to Appear at Town Hall Meetings?

By on 3.15.16 | 2:30PM

Hillary Clinton says she isn't a natural politician and is proving it.

Within the space of 24 hours, Hillary has said she will put coal miners out of work and also said no Americans died in Libya (as Emily has discussed here).

Let's keep in mind that these statements were not made during debates with Bernie Sanders. These were made during town hall meetings on friendly networks (CNN & MSNBC).

At this rate, she might have stop doing town hall meetings before she does any further damage to herself. By night's end, her delegate count could be sufficient that Bernie Sanders can't mathematically catch up. In which case, why put herself in those situations?

Ben Carson: I Endorsed Trump Because He Promised Me a Spot in His Administration

By on 3.15.16 | 1:34PM

Let us preface this story with the adminition that offering someone a deal in return for an endorsement is technically a violation of FEC rules. But (1) we don't know exactly what spot, if any, Donald Trump has in mind for Dr. Ben Carson, (2) Donald Trump "makes deals" because that's what he does and (3) at this point, does anyone really feel anything but sorry for Dr. Ben Carson? I mean, seriously. The guy got into the race thinking it would be a great way to build lists and sell books, just like so many before him (*cough* Herman Cain *cough*), only to lose pretty much everything, including his dignity.

But it still remains that, according to an interview conducted yesterday, Dr. Ben Carson says he endorsed Donald Trump because the latter offered him a spot in the inevitable Trump Administration. 

I do believe, and certainly in my discussions with Donald Trump, he does love America and he does want to be successful. He will surround himself with very good people," Carson told "The Steve Malzberg Show."

Ohio Voters, Donald Trump is Lying to You

By on 3.15.16 | 1:16PM

I'll have much more on the subject in my American Spectator article tomorrow, but for those of you voting in Ohio (or anywhere else, for that matter) who are being swayed by Donald Trump's outrageous assaults on free trade and particularly on NAFTA, which he claims destroyed jobs in Ohio, I would like to point you to the data which prove Trump wrong:

At this web site, in less than a minute, you can see the official Ohio data which shows that 1994, the year in which NAFTA was implemented, Ohio had its biggest gain in both absolute and percentage terms in manufacturing employment during the last 25 years. Furthermore, you will see that the number of manufacturing jobs in Ohio did not decline below pre-NAFTA levels until the recession of 2001.

It's also worth noting that under John Kasich's leadership, Ohio has had gains in manufacturing employment during every year of his governorship.

In short, everything Donald Trump is saying about Ohio, free trade, and the man who is, despite his flaws, one of the most successful governors in the United States, is a lie. But what else is new?

Hillary Clinton: “We Didn’t Lose a Single Person in Libya.”

By on 3.15.16 | 12:54PM

Hillary Clinton has been insistent that her version of events in Benghazi is the correct one, even if her carefully construted narrative flies in the face of even what little we know about that fateful night in Libya when six Americans died - four members of our consulate (including our ambassador) and two rescuers. 

Last night, though, miiiiiight have been the cherry on top of months of denying reality. According to Clinton, our "nation building" in Libya was a rousing success, and after felling a dangerous dictator, we did not give way to a brutal civil war that ended up taking out six of our own people. In fact, according to Hillary Clinton, Libya was a totally new frontier in foreign policy - and we didn't lose a single person fixing it.

Protesting the Court

By on 3.15.16 | 11:56AM

President Obama says he’s looking for a “consensus candidate” who could be confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court to fill the vacancy created by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia. He hasn’t named any particular characteristics he’s looking for in a justice, but let me suggest one. How about a Protestant?

When boards or institutions or professions or universities or police departments are thought to be lacking in a sufficient number of members of left-certified victim groups — usually blacks, Hispanics, or women — the cry is heard that said institution, etc., does not reflect the makeup of its universe, its community. “Diversity” is needed, and it can’t come too soon.

So how did we get to a point in a nation where more than half of citizens are Protestants and there’s not a single Protestant on the Supreme Court? Right now the lineup is five Catholics and three Jews. It was six Catholics before Justice Scalia went to his reward (which I’m sure will be considerable). 

Two Canadian Soldiers Stabbed at Military Recruitment Centre in Toronto; Attacker Reportedly Said “Allah!” UPDATE

By on 3.15.16 | 10:15AM

Yesterday, two Canadian soldiers were stabbed at a Canadian government building which houses a military recruitment center.

Fortunately, the injuries sustained by both soldiers are not life threatening and other uniformed military personnel subdued the attacker.

It's clear Toronto PD Chief Mark Saunders is trying to minimize what happened, but the cat will soon be out of the bag as this CBC report indicates:

Saunders says the suspect made comments that led investigators to look into a possible terror connection. He declined to say exactly what words were uttered but did state they were "concerning."

"I want a full understanding of what was said, so I'm not giving bits and pieces," he told reporters Monday.

A source with knowledge of the investigation told CBC News the suspect mentioned "Allah." This may have prompted investigators to look into a possible terror connection.

Rose Doesn’t Endorse Trump After All: I Guess This Means Trump Will Soon Call Rose a Loser

By on 3.14.16 | 11:31PM

Last night, Donald Trump boasted that he received the endorsement of Pete Rose with an autographed baseball signed by Rose asking Trump to make America great again.

But it appears that Trump might have tried to pull a fast one. Rose's attorney Pete Genco said his client "did not send any candidate a baseball or an endorsement." Genco said that Rose believes the question of which presidential candidate is best is "a decision each voter should decide for him or herself."