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Senate Democrats Halt 20-Week Abortion Ban

By on 9.22.15 | 4:27PM

Every so often, you hear a Senate Democrat lament that we are far behind the rest of the world because we are among only three countries that do not have mandatory maternity leave.

Well, it's apparent that they only look towards a global consensus for legislation when it's political convenient. After today's vote in the Senate, with Democrats blocking a ban on abortions performed after 20 weeks of gestation - the US remains one of only seven countries that allow so-called "partial birth abortions," and one of only four countries - China, North Korea, the US and Canada, that allow the barbaric practice of abortion up to the point of delivery. 

North Korea. 

Now there's a paragon of modernity and virtue in an otherwise chaotic and anachronistic world.

Trump Issues C&D To Opposition Over Attack Ad

By on 9.22.15 | 4:15PM

If there's one thing Donald Trump doesn't like, it's having his tactics thrown back into his face. 

This afternoon, the Trump campaign issued a cease and desist letter to the Club for Growth, over a political attack ad, touting Trump as "just another politician," rather than the "outside savior" persona he seems to have created for himself in his campaign for President. The ad is fairly convincing, though didn't seem to land much in the way of a blow when it landed sometime last week. But unfortunately for the Club for Growth, Donald Trump decided to challenge their premise that he was "just another politician," by abandoning the traditional crisis communications response in favor a puzzlingly litigious one.



September 21, 2015

By Federal Express

David McIntosh

The Club for Growth

The ‘Muslim for President’ Question

By on 9.22.15 | 1:29PM

The Russians are building an air force base in Latakia, bringing in heavy artillery, and possibly putting boots on the ground, all with Barack Obama’s acquiescence. What? You don’t know where Latakia is? Or why the prospect of a Russian installation there should worry us?

That’s understandable, especially if you read the Washington Post, and miss the deeper point that the Russians are establishing their first post-Soviet outpost on the Mediterranean, thus fulfilling the long-standing Russian dream of a military presence in the Southern hemisphere. The incursion into Crimea was a logical move, given the Soviet naval base there. Now, in cooperation with Iran, Russia is propping up its client Bashar Assad and creating a Russian naval base in Syria as insurance against the closure of the Bosporus Straits by Turkey, a NATO ally. Kipling called this sort of thing the “Great Game,” and it still goes on today, even if the hapless John Kerry thinks it so very 19th century.

But this is to detract from the real issue of our day: What did Dr. Carson and Donald Trump say or fail to say, as the case may be, about Muslims?

If Hillary is an Outsider….

By on 9.21.15 | 10:10PM

So Hillary Clinton says she's a political outsider.

If Hillary Clinton is a political outsider then I'm the starting centerfielder for the Boston Red Sox.

If Hillary Clinton is a political outsider then Bashar Assad is a reformer.

If Hillary Clinton is a political outsider then Kim Kardashian is a virgin.

If Hillary Clinton is a political outsider then the Ayatollah buys Israel bonds.

If Hillary Clinton is a political outsider then Donald Trump is a beacon of humility.

If Hillary Clinton is a political outsider then Bill Clinton never looks at other women.

The day Hillary Clinton is a political outsider is the day that Al Sharpton doesn't cry racism.

The day Hillary Clinton is a political outsider is the day Rand Paul comes out in favor of the Iraq War.

The day Hillary Clinton is a political outsider is the day President Obama repeals Obamacare.

The day Hillary Clinton is a political outsider is the day Bernie Sanders renounces socialism.

The day Hillary Clinton is a political outsider is the day she uses a government e-mail address.

A Tragic Day for a Friend — And How You Can Help

By on 9.21.15 | 7:21PM

Today, I am heartbroken.

My sweet friend, Mary Katherine Ham, lost her husband, Jake Brewer, in a tragic accident on Saturday, as he was attempting to finish a 150 mile charity bike ride. Jake, who had just taken a job as a technology adviser in the White House a few months ago, was crossing through a series of sharp turns when he lost control of his bike, crossed the center line and was hit by an oncoming vehicle. He leaves behind his wife, a daughter Georgia, a baby on the way, and a host of friends and family who loved him, and a world that was changed for the better because of him.

Yesterday, Mary Katherine wrote:

The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore for Scott Walker

By on 9.21.15 | 6:24PM

I must say I am quite disappointed. Ross is right. Boy did this happen fast. It wasn’t so long ago that he topped the polls. Now his support is in Jim Gilmore territory.

Well, so much for my six reasons for Scott Walker getting elected President. Walker is still a three-term governor who has contributed enormously to Wisconsin’s success. But this will probably overshadow that success.

But life goes on. Carly Fiorina has impressed me (I hope to have a piece about her up tomorrow) and I like Marco Rubio’s sobriety. The rest of the field doesn’t do very much for me.

Memo to ‘60 Minutes’: Stop Treating Iran Like a Democracy

By on 9.21.15 | 6:21PM

I saw the 60 Minutes interview with Iranian President Rouhani last night and found much, but not all of the interview by Steve Kroft annoying. My annoyance began with the first paragraph of his report:

Few issues have inspired more vitriol this summer than the historic agreement between Iran and six world powers: the United States, Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany. The deal drastically curtails Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for the lifting of economic sanctions.

How exactly is Iran’s nuclear program curtailed considering that Iran can still enrich uranium, can inspect itself on top of getting billions in sanctions relief?

Scott Walker Drops Out

By on 9.21.15 | 4:49PM

In perhaps the fastest crash-and-burn I've ever seen of a presidential front-runner, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker announced this afternoon that he is "suspending" (a political synonyn for "quitting") his presidential campaign.

Not long ago, Walker polled first in Iowa among Republican candidates, running on the strength of his repeated success beating unions and winning elections in the blue state of Wisconsin.

Gretzky Endorses Harper’s Tories, Donald Sutherland Backs NDP — And Who Gets the Coveted Pamela Anderson Endorsement?

By on 9.21.15 | 1:18PM

As in the U.S., Canadian politicians try to get the endorsement of Canadian celebrities even if they can’t vote in the election. If you’re a Canadian citizen, but have lived outside of Canada for more than five, years you cannot vote. This rule applies to yours truly.

Still, it didn’t prevent hockey legend Wayne Gretzky from endorsing Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Conservative Party over the weekend. The Great One described Harper as “an unreal Prime Minister.”

The Circumstances Under Which I Could Vote for a Presidential Candidate Who Is Muslim

By on 9.21.15 | 12:52PM

Ben Carson has only himself to blame for stating that he does not believe a Muslim should be elected President during his appearance yesterday on NBC’s Meet the Press with Chuck Todd.

Indeed, the question Todd asked of Carson was if “Islam is consistent with the Constitution.” It was at that point that Carson volunteered, “I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this country” (although he did not object to Muslims being elected to Congress). If Todd had asked that question of Carly Fiorina she would have dismissed the premise of Todd’s question and shoved it back down his throat where it belongs. But Ben Carson is no Carly Fiorina.