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Freedom of Speech Trumps Trump

By on 5.7.15 | 12:09PM

A couple of days ago, I posed two questions to Jeff Lord in light of Donald Trump's criticism of Pamela Geller.

Jeff, of course, had written a piece earlier this week concerning the attempted terrorist attack in Garland, Texas and defended Geller's freedom of speech to organize a Draw Muhammad art exhibit.

Given that Jeff has written a number of articles on these pages in praise of The Donald, I was curious as to what he thought of Trump blasting Geller. To be precise, I asked, "First, is Donald Trump's criticism of Geller unwarranted? Second, is Donald Trump wrong for not standing up for free speech?"

Today, I got my answer:

The Preferred Candidate of Millionaires is…Hillary Clinton

By on 5.6.15 | 6:46PM

She may be campaigning to earn the trust of the 99%, as they like to call themselves, by promising to steal from the rich and give to the...well...the bloated federal organizations that once claimed to serve the poor, according to their originally-filed mission statements but have since become retirement programs for middling bureaucrats, but Hillary Clinton's most ardent fan base doesn't have a whole lot in common with the common man.

Which makes sense since neither does she.

According to a "Millionaire Survey" conducted by CNBC, Americans with a net worth of more than $1 million heavily favor a Hillary Clinton presidency, almost twelve points more than they favor the other legacy candidate in the race, Jeb Bush.

Kamala Harris Aide Was Running a Secret Police Force

By on 5.6.15 | 6:31PM

Sen. Barbara Boxer plans to vacate her California Senate seat in the next few years, and the Democrats are looking for the Next Great Hope of the party to step into her wildly outdated sensible heels. Although rumors have flown about that Michelle Obama is angling for the job (with the Obama Library going to Chicago, but the Obama's decidedly not, Palm Springs is still on the roster as potential post-Presidential digs), she hasn't formed any committees or coffee klatches that would lead me to believe she's serious just yet.

Carly Fiorina Gets the Best of Seth Meyers

By on 5.6.15 | 6:10PM

Right after Carly Fiorina made the announcement that she was running for President on the morning talk shows,, a site she'd failed to register, in an oversight that's becoming common among Republican Presidential candidates these days, turned into a rudimentary infographic outlining the changes she'd made at Hewlett Packard while CEO. It was a veritable Internet bodycount of the hundreds she'd laid off as Hewlett Packard downsized into a smaller, more agile company.

One hundred percent aware that she was headed into the lions den over the mishap (after all, what's funnier to a liberal comic than a Republican faceplant?), then, when she was invited on Seth Meyers's late night program, she did the only thing she could do: she bought the same .org domain name for him that an Internet troll had bought for her.

And the end result?Glorious.

Errol Brown, R.I.P.

By on 5.6.15 | 4:21PM

Errol Brown, the former lead singer of the British pop disco group Hot Chocolate, has passed away in his The Bahamas following a battle with liver cancer. He was 71.

The Jamaican born Brown wrote Hot Chocolate's signature song "You Sexy Thing" which became a hit in 1975 and re-charted in Britain again both in the 1980's and 1990's. The song has been used in countless movies and TV shows.

Brown also co-wrote "Brother Louie", a song about forbidden interracial love, which would later become a hit for Stories and decades later became a smash in North Korea because it was Kim Jong-un's favorite song.

Brown was also a vocal supporter of Britain's Conservative Party and even performed at a Conservative Party Conference while Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister.

Congress Should Not Give Obama Fast Track Authority on TPP

By on 5.6.15 | 3:23PM

Yesterday, Pacific Research Institute fellow Wayne Winegarden wrote a piece for us arguing that Congress should give President Obama fast track authority concerning the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP):

Under a TPA, Congress would maintain a powerful voice over whether the U.S. would enter into the TPP agreement. However, Congress would only have the ability to conduct an up or down vote on the deal; it would not have the ability to amend the trade deal.

Such a commitment is important. It is unlikely that our trading partners will approve a free trade agreement with the U.S. knowing that the terms of that agreement could, and likely would, be endlessly changed or bottled up in Congressional committees due to amendments from any one of the 535 Members of Congress.

NFL Report: Patriots Staff Deflated Footballs and Tom Brady Probably Knew

By on 5.6.15 | 1:44PM

In a remarkable report released today by the NFL, investigators conclude that two New England Patriots employees, Jim McNally and John Jastremski, conspired to lower the air pressure in Patriots' game balls, that it likely had been going on before the Colts-Patriots playoff game in which the behavior was discovered, and that Tom Brady was likely aware of the activity, perhaps even being the one suggesting various bribes, such as sneakers and Brady-autographed items, to McNally -- who called himself the "deflator."

The report exonerates all other Patriots players, staff, and coaches.

So what's the NFL going to do about it...and what should they do?

Does It Matter Who Wins Britain’s Election? Could the Tories & Labour Form a Grand Coalition?

By on 5.6.15 | 1:02PM

I had planned to write my weekly article about Britain's forthcoming election. However, when I heard the tremors of a political earthquake in the province where my mother was born, I opted to focus my attention on Alberta. Given last night's results I am glad I did.

Nevertheless, I do want to comment on the British election which will take place tomorrow. Frankly, I don't think it matters whether David Cameron or Ed Miliband resides at 10 Downing Street. No, I have no enthusiasm for Red Ed, but Cameron isn't my cup of tea either. He is way too chummy with President Obama for my liking. Chummy enough to personally lobby Senators to support a nuclear deal with Iran. No wonder Obama calls Cameron his "bro".

Elizabeth Warren “Accidentally” Meets With Draft Warren

By on 5.6.15 | 12:16PM

It's definitely a mistake to think that the scandals that have dogged Hillary Clinton over the past few weeks will have any impact on her future, or her intended coronation. She's a Clinton, after all, and Clintons are immune from the ill effects of bad policy, bad press and bad ideas. And if they're not, they'll throw around some decorative accessories until things go their way - or the aide assigned to tell them the bad news has the kind of amnesia-inducing concussion that people only get in soap operas.

But it seems that, at least privately, Hillary's most obvious challengers are considering whether they have the foundation to mount a challenge. This week, as Hillary Clinton bunkered up and Bill Clinton flouted his bank account, Elizabeth Warren just happned to pow-wow with some of her most ardent progressive supporters, who just happened to also be the masterminds behind the Draft Warren movement.

Alberta Elects NDP Majority Government; Ends Tories’ 44-Year Reign UPDATE

By on 5.5.15 | 11:46PM

My newest article yesterday weighed in on the Alberta election and posed the question, "Could Alberta Vote Socialist?"

The answer is yes. Tonight, the people of Canada's most conservative province have elected an NDP majority government and thus ended the Tories' 44-year reign in power. That reign was the longest in Canadian history. 

The NDP have been elected or are leading in 54 of the 87 seats in the Legislative Assembly of Alberta. The Wildrose Party remains the Official Opposition have been elected or are leading in 20 seats. 

The Tories, who won 61 seats in the 2012 election, have been reduced to 11 seats. It's their worst showing since 1967.

Meanwhile, the Liberals and the Alberta Party are leading in one seat apiece.

Rachel Notley will become Alberta's 17th Premier.

To give Americans an idea of how shocking the election of an NDP government in Alberta is; I am tempted to liken to the election of an African-American President. But even that wouldn't do it justice.