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Obama is Condescending, Not Sexist

By on 5.14.15 | 10:13AM

I suppose I shouldn't interrupt the civil war which has erupted in the Democratic Party between President Obama and Senate Democrats over TPP. Much of Obama's energies have been directed at Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. But then Warren's colleague Sherrod Brown of Ohio entered the fray and accused Obama of sexism against Warren because the President addressed Warren by her first name.

Josh Earnest, bearing more resemblance to a caporegime for the Corleone family than the White House Press Secretary, declared, "He'll find a way to apologize."

The New Republic Goes Off Rails Over Amtrak Accident…And So Does Josh Earnest - UPDATE

By on 5.13.15 | 5:09PM

Undoubtedly the top story today is last night's Amtrak derailment in Philadelphia which claimed the lives of seven people and hospitalized over 200 people.

The train was going over 100 MPH. Whether this was the result of human or mechanical error has yet to be determined and will be up to the NTSB to conclude.

But this hasn't stopped the Left from putting this tragedy on a political track. Over at NRO, Jonah Goldberg took the gang at MSNBC's Morning Joe to task for buying into former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell's argument that the accident was a consequence of a lack of government spending on infrastructure. Goldberg writes, "Disgusting. They just learned there was a sixth fatality from the crash and they used that to promote hackish arguments about the need for high-speed rail (Rendell went on about how in Europe the rails are straight for high speed not like our shabby curved rails here)."

Classical Mythology Now Too Much for Sensitive College Students

By on 5.13.15 | 1:08PM

The good news for my generation is that we finally make up a controlling portion of the working population. The bad news is, that there probably aren't enough blankies and nap rooms to accomodate all of us as we graduate into the real world. At least, as some of us graduate into the real world. Others of us have too many things to do to take time out of our day to cuddle stuffed animals and gripe to each other about the cultural appropriation and microagressions typically associated with the Patriarchy.

Thankfully, college students have no such demands on their time, which is why a cadre of Columbia University students are able to, collectively, pen an op-ed calling on their institution of higher learning to take a second look at the foundational works of Western literature and the building blocks of modern thought in order to preserve their adorable, innocent and easily-triggered minds from the mere threat that they might have to welcome in an opposing viewpoint or critically consider historical cultures in addition to their own coddled experience.

Pope Francis to Recognize Palestinian State

By on 5.13.15 | 11:54AM

The Vatican has announced a treaty with the Palestinian Authority declaring its recognition of a Palestinian state.

In conjunction with this announcement, Pope Francis will bestow sainthood upon two Palestinian nuns this Sunday.

This development is troubling though not surprising. Pope Francis used the phrase "state of Palestine" when he visited Bethelem almost a year ago. As with various parliaments throughout Europe, this moves grants legitimacy to Palestinian statehood while circumventing negotiations with Israel on final status matters (especially Jerusalem). It also legitimizes a regime that has not held an election in a decade.

Moody’s Downgrades Chicago Bonds to “Junk”

By on 5.13.15 | 11:39AM

Yesterday, Chicago got the Obama Presidential Library and thank heavens, since Chicago also lost any semblance of dignity in terms of our bond rating, and we'll most definitely need the kind of multi-million dollar public works project the Library promises to be in order to survive financially.

After years of teetering on the edge of fully bankrupting the city, Moody's finally pulled the plug, dropping Chicago's status two notches to "junk," in a (probably futile) effort to encourage either pension reform or a tax increase. The move came (at least in part) as a response to an Illinois Supreme Court decision that dropped late last week, declaring that the pension reform package the legislature had concocted was unconstitutional, and wiping it off the books. 

Moody’s Investor’s Service on Tuesday dropped Chicago’s bond rating two more notches — to junk status — turning up the heat on Mayor Rahm Emanuel to raise property taxes and on the Illinois General Assembly to approve a Chicago casino.

Colorado Rockies Lose 10 in a Row; Tulowitzki Could Ask for Trade UPDATE: Weiss Hospitalized

By on 5.13.15 | 11:01AM

The Colorado Rockies' 2015 season had a promising beginning as they won 7 of their first 9 games. But they have gone 4-16 since and have now lost 10 consecutive games. Their latest loss came last night against the Los Angeles Angels in an interleague game and now stand 9 ½ games back of the Los Angeles Dodgers in the NL West.

Their offense is pretty decent. Although Carlos Gonzalez is hitting under .200, Troy Tulowitzki, Charlie Blackmon, Nolan Arenando and 2014 NL batting champ Justin Morneau are pulling their weight. The Rockies have a team batting average of .271 which is currently third in the NL behind the Dodgers and the St. Louis Cardinals. The same cannot be said of their pitching. Their 5.48 team ERA is the worst in the NL is nearly a full run higher than the lowly Milwaukee Brewers (4.58).

White House Demands Sen. Sherrod Brown Apologize for “Sexism” Comments

By on 5.13.15 | 10:53AM

Last night, the President of the National Organization for Women piled on Sen. Sherrod Brown's claim that President Obama's criticism of Sen. Elizabeth Warren as "a politician like everyone else" smacked of sexism and microagression.

This morning, the White House, already reeling from the mass defection of Dems over the Trans-Pacific Partnership, demonstrated exactly how stining Sherrod's comments were when they used today's press conference to demand that Brown take his turn on the Naughty Step

The White House responded Wednesday to Sen. Sherrod Brown’s criticism of President Barack Obama’s treatment of fellow Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest said Brown is “a stand-up guy.”

“I’m confident after he’s had a chance to look at the comments he made yesterday that he’ll find a way to apologize,” he told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Wednesday.

Obama’s Conversation on Poverty Reveals a Poverty of Character

By on 5.12.15 | 11:23PM

President Obama took part today in a panel discussion about poverty in America at Georgetown University. During the course of this conversation, Obama revealed the poverty in his character:

But part of it has also been -- there’s always been a strain in American politics where you’ve got the middle class, and the question has been, who are you mad at, if you’re struggling; if you’re working, but you don’t seem to be getting ahead.  And over the last 40 years, sadly, I think there’s been an effort to either make folks mad at folks at the top, or to be mad at folks at the bottom.  And I think the effort to suggest that the poor are sponges, leaches, don’t want to work, are lazy, are undeserving, got traction. 

Sen. Sherrod Brown Calls Obama ‘Sexist’ for Attacks Against Elizabeth Warren

By on 5.12.15 | 5:45PM

Elizabeth Warren was successful in blocking key provisions of the TPP today, and as Aaron noted earlier this afternoon, President Obama's reaction to the power of Fauxcahontas to make a dent in his foreign trade agenda, was, overall, somewhat less than enthusiastic. Calling the Senator, "just another politician," he minimized the imapct that a growing contingent on the left, now unconvinced of his progressive credentials, is having on his signature legislation. 

Sen. Sherrod Brown, the unabashed progressive Senator from Ohio, did not take kindly to President Obama's designation of Sen. Warren as nothing more than a run-of-the-mill elected official with no market value. And to prove that he was offended, he told a reporter, in only mildly uncertain terms, that the President was a big, fat sexist.

Senate Democrats Block Bill to Give Obama Fast Track Authority on TPP

By on 5.12.15 | 4:38PM

Senate Democrats have blocked debate on giving President Obama fast track authority on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP).

This is one of the few matters which has seen co-operation between Obama and Senate Republicans. However, the TPP has been negotiated in secret and members of Congress have little to no access to its content. So, for once, I'm in agreement with Harry Reid.

But it's Elizabeth Warren who has been leading the charge against TPP and, lately, Obama has been giving Warren the Netanyahu treatment recently calling her "a politician like everybody else".

Yes, I know other Presidents have received fast track authority including Ronald Reagan where it concerned the Canada-U.S. Free Trade Agreement (which eventually became NAFTA). Still, it's pretty blatantly unconstitutional.