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Libya In The Dust

By on 10.13.15 | 9:39PM

Madame Clinton defends her advice on Libya based on Europe burning up the phone lines.  Apparently she got those 3 a.m. phone calls after all and she was too sleep-deprived to handle them...

Cooper Is No Mini

By on 10.13.15 | 9:31PM

To his credit, Anderson Cooper (whose late brother wrote for this magazine), is doing a PERFECT job as host tonight.  He is being fair and tough and knowledgeable and nimble.  I don't want to hear any talk show hosts knocking him tomorrow....

Chafee Like Nobody’s Business

By on 10.13.15 | 8:57PM

Lincoln Chafee has been in public service for thirty years with no scandals, he says.  He has cast courageous votes, like following the New York Times against George W. Bush against tax cuts and the Iraq invasion.  Phew!  He probably could not show his face in Manhattan after taking those courageous stands!

They’re Off (With) Their Rocker

By on 10.13.15 | 8:47PM

The prospect of fierce debate has turned Anderson Cooper's hair white.  Sheryl Crow doing the National Anthem, handling the mike although she has advocated using only one square of toilet paper per session....

Anderson Cooper and the Reagan Library

By on 10.13.15 | 5:58PM

OK. Here I go getting into trouble. 

Let’s be fair here, conservatives. As the Democratic debate gets ready to roll in Las Vegas, sponsored by CNN and hosted by Anderson Cooper, Anderson is suddenly in the headlines at the Drudge Report and elsewhere because he was listed as a “member” of the Clinton Global Initiative. The Drudge story here was headlined


The inevitable link took readers here to the Weekly Standard where the headline was:

CNN Debate Moderator Was Member of Clinton Global Initiative

The Standard story read in part:

Utley Hearing Monday

By on 10.13.15 | 5:55PM

Major League Baseball has announced that Los Angeles Dodger Chase Utley’s hearing on his appeal of a two-day suspension will be heard Monday. Utley was suspended by MLB Sunday as a result of his hard slide in Saturday’s National League Division Series game, which injured New York Mets shortstop Rubin Tejada.

Any decision arrived at Monday or later will have no effect on the NLDS, which will have concluded by then. (It will conclude tonight if the Dodgers, down two games to one to the Mets, don’t win.) Monday is an off-day in the National League Championship Series. So Monday’s hearing will not impede Utley’s participation should he win his appeal and the Dodgers win the next two games against the Mets.