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Charlie Baker Wins Massachusetts

By on 11.5.14 | 9:09AM

It took awhile but Republican Charlie Baker is Governor-Elect of Massachusetts. Democrat Martha Coakley finally conceded. There will be no recount.

Last night and into this morning, Coakley had refused to concede until every vote was counted. When it was all said and done Baker won 48.4% of the vote compared with 46.6% for Coakley. Baker received about 40,000 more votes than Coakley and a good many of them from Democrats including my roommate Christopher.

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Work Horse Beats Show Horse in Florida

By on 11.5.14 | 12:29AM

Florida voters had a choice between retaining a reasonably competent but stiff and colorless Republican governor or replacing him with a slick campaigner who is a Democrat now, but only after stops as a Republican and as an independent. The voters chose center-right competence over leftist charm and smarm.

With 99+ percent of Florida precincts reporting. Scott led Crist by a little more than 80,000 votes out of five and a half million votes cast, a margin of one percent. All the groups who call such things declared Scott the winner just before 11 p.m. The race was supposed to be close and it was. Close, but an improvement for Scott over 2010 when he beat Democrat Alex Sink by 60,000 votes.

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Illinois Rebukes Obama; Rauner Ousts Quinn

By on 11.5.14 | 12:01AM

President Obama famously said while he wasn't the ballot every single one of his policies would be.

With this in mind, the voters of Illinois ousted incumbent Democrat Governor Pat Quinn in favor of Republican businessman Bruce Rauner. 

Now Obama's political base has abandoned him. Well, Obama still has Kim Kardashian.

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Joni Ernst Gives GOP a Majority in the Senate; Tillis Wins NC

By on 11.4.14 | 11:38PM

The Republicans have done it.

They have taken over the Senate and we can thank Iowa's Joni Ernst for it. 

With 64% of the vote in, Ernst has 50% compared to 46% for Bruce Braley. Or if Michelle Obama is talking it's Bruce Bailey. Whatever his surname, a word of advice for Democrats. If you're running in Iowa, don't insult farmers. 

Ernst wins the seat vacated by longtime Democrat Senator Tom Harkin. 

If that wasn't enough, Thom Tillis has ousted Kay Hagan in North Carolina. 

Can Republicans add seats in Virginia and Alaska? And don't count out New Hampshire.

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Could There Be a Recount in the Massachusetts Gubernatorial Race?

By on 11.4.14 | 11:35PM

With 89% of the vote in the Massachusetts gubernatorial race, Republican Charlie Baker holds a lead of just over 5,000 votes over Democrat Martha Coakley. Baker is up 48% to 47%.

Baker led early in the evening, but then Coakley took over. By the time 74% of the vote came in, Coakley had a lead of 100 votes.

If the margin of victory is less than 1% then there will be an automatic recount.

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Roberts Hangs On in Kansas; GOP Needs One More Seat for Senate Majority

By on 11.4.14 | 10:54PM

Pat Roberts has held off the challenge of "Independent" Greg Orman in Kansas. 

So Republicans need one more seat to take over the Senate. 

Maybe Roberts is the kind of establishment Republican conservatives aren't enthusiastic about, but tonight we needed him.


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Walker Defeats The Left Again

By on 11.4.14 | 10:31PM

Scott Walker did it.

With just over 25% of the vote in, Walker has been re-elected in Wisconsin and has 61% of the vote. Take that Ramesh Ponnuru.

Including the 2012 recall, Walker has beaten The Left three times in four years. 

Can anybody give me any reason why Republicans shouldn't nominate him as our presidential candidate in 2016?

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GOP Gains Senate Seats in Colorado & Montana

By on 11.4.14 | 10:17PM

Score two more Senate seats for Republicans.

Despite the best efforts of Mark Udall to turn Cory Gardner into Ken Buck, Gardner decisively beat Udall.

In Montana, Congressman Steve Daines beat Montana State Rep. Amanda Curtis. This was widely expected when Curtis filled in for John Walsh who dropped out of the race amidst a plagiarism scandal. Walsh had been appointed to the Senate after the retirement of Max Baucus. 

So the GOP has gained five seats and needs one more to control the Senate.

But things could get complicated if Pat Roberts loses Kansas to "Independent" Greg Orman.

So who will put the GOP over the top? Jodi Ernst in Iowa? Tom Tillis in North Carolina? Or could it be Ed Gillespie in Virginia? Or maybe Dan Sullivan in Alaska?

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Shaheen Holds Off Brown in New Hampshire Or Does She? Yeah, She Does

By on 11.4.14 | 10:01PM

Although Scott Brown made a good go of it, he came up short against incumbent Senator Jeanne Shaheen. 

With just under 40% of the vote in, Fox News is projecting Shaheen as the winner with 52% of the vote. 

In December 2012, I argued that Brown should run in the Massachusetts gubernatorial race (this was well before New Hampshire was an option). As I write this, Charlie Baker is winning against Martha Coakley. I wonder if Brown is kicking himself for not staying in the Bay State.

UPDATE: Brown has not conceded the race. At last look, with 74% of precincts reporting, Shaheen leads by just over 2,000 votes.

UPDATE II: With 81% of the votes in, Brown has now conceded. Despite losing to both Elizabeth Warren and now Shaheen, this is probably not the last we hear from Brown.

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Half Way to a GOP Majority in the Senate; McConnell Re-Elected

By on 11.4.14 | 9:21PM

It's a bit past 9 p.m. and Republicans have gained three Senate seats - Shelley Moore-Capito in West Virginia, Mike Rounds in South Dakota and Tom Cotton in Arkansas. 

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has also been re-elected in Kentucky. Democrat challenger Alison Lundergan Grimes sealed her fate when she couldn't bring herself to admit she voted for Obama. 

Republicans need three more seats for McConnell to go from Senate Minority to Senate Majority leader.

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