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Bush Press Conference

By on 3.21.06 | 8:49AM

We'll have it for you here at 10 a.m. EST this morning.

Don’t Weep for the GOP, EJ Dionne

By on 3.21.06 | 8:11AM

E.J.'s tears are useless. He spends the bulk of today's column weeping for retiring Rep. Sherwood Boehlert, that elusive liberal Republican, and pining for the Rockefeller, middle of the party. How bland: yearning for something neither here nor there, the vague middle. The good Catholic boy from Gonzaga should know milquetoast has few takers.

As TAS readers know, when a liberal columnist lauds a Republican, it's because he's done something liberal, is a liberal, or can be used for liberalism. Boehlert's long been a favorite of Dionne's, first appearing in his column in 1998:

The Poor Woman’s MoDo

By on 3.21.06 | 7:41AM

WaPo’s Ruth Marcus – the poor woman’s Maureen Dowd – takes a shot at Prof. Harvey Mansfield’s book, “Manliness,” this morning and like MoDo assumes the posture of the hilarious by working so hard to prove men unnecessary by condemning the White House.  Her point, natch, is that manliness is ok so long as it’s under the firm control of what Marcus says this country could use: “a little less manliness -- and a little more of what you would describe as womanly qualities: restraint, introspection, a desire for consensus, maybe even a touch of self-doubt.”

Here’s the cri de coer – er, money quote:

The Endgame Conservatives

By on 3.20.06 | 10:14PM

For those who missed it, here's the transcript of the part of today's Rush Limbaugh show in which Rush talked about the argument I'm having with Rich Lowry of NR about the "endgame conservatives" vs. "to hell with them hawks" issue. As always, Rush hits it hard and right out of the park. I don't think this one is over, not by a long shot.

Iraq Registers Well

By on 3.20.06 | 3:24PM

On Iraq, I really do think the good guys (note to hopeless liberals: that means us, the United States) are winning, despite many errors along the way. My old paper, the Mobile Register, laid out the case on Saturday.

No Bear Market — Darn It!

By on 3.20.06 | 1:45PM

Just got definitive word that Jack Nicklaus will NOT consider a U.S. Senate race in Florida. More's the pity. He would have been good. In fact, I STILL think he ought to run!

Boot Cheney, Condi, and Rummy

By on 3.20.06 | 10:46AM

That's Fred Barnes' advice for President Bush. Consider me underwhelmed by his case.

There may be legitimate reasons for each, but Barnes doesn't make those arguments. Rather, Barnes engages in the age-old Washington tradition of speculating about these changes for their own sake: "Things are going poorly -- time for a massive shakeup, for the appearance of a massive shakeup!" Barnes views this through a media lens. While the communications shop is in desperate need of an overhaul, talent shouldn't be tossed to the street for the purpose of spin.

Of the three, Cheney should be retained at all costs. His office is the source of all things economically conservative in the administration. Some may charge Cheney with not holding the Bush team to this so well, but just imagine the state of things if he weren't whispering thoughts of Hayek in W's ear. Of course, since Barnes has already conceded the battle for small government, this point may not be of interest to him.

Yesterday’s Best Headline

By on 3.20.06 | 8:00AM

Was from the UK TimesOnline: NASA to put man on far side of moon. Yes, this will be terribly expensive. But think of how much you'd pay to put someone there? Like Dick Durbin or Hillary?

Golfing for the Stars & Stripes

By on 3.20.06 | 2:39AM

Yesterday's broadcast of the Bay Hill PGA tournament (at Arnold Palmer's home course) featured a short story by commentator Jimmy Roberts on golfer Billy Hurley III, who finished near even par.

Hurley is an Ensign in the U.S. Navy, and plays with a yellow "N" on his golf shirt. An Annapolis grad, Hurley served his three years on a missile cruiser, then returned to the Naval Academy, where he taught economics. He is currently playing out an experiment, subject to approval by The Big Dog himself: to play pro golf for the Navy.

Hurley gets his $28,000 salary from the Navy, and that's all. He donates winnings to a variety of military charities and funds. Yesterday's prize money went to a Coast Guard fund, in honor of the tourney's host, who was a Coastie for three years before beginning his own pro career.

Spice Channel

By on 3.19.06 | 7:34PM

Anyone else put off -- or disgusted -- by that new Old Spice commercial? Talk about not-your-father's-trusted-men's-grooming-products-brand. It's another tip of another iceberg of the public perversity now ordering our comedies their situations. Tour guide through the belly of the beast stops here, then here.