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Re: Shot Heard Round the World

By on 2.13.06 | 10:42AM

A friend writes to set me straight on driving and hunting in Texas:

"You don't know the half of it.

"As a frequent bird hunter in South Texas -- but never having had the privilege to be invited to the Armstrong Ranch -- I thought I'd give you a little background. A close friend from San Antonio has long had a hunting lease on the Galvan Ranch, on the Rio Grande west of Laredo. It's nasty country, often miserably cold in the winter and downright uninhabitable during the summer, with razor sharp prickly pear needles and invisible cactus spikes that can penetrate the thickest canvas denim or leather boots, mean and vile-smelling javelina and rattlesnakes as long as a man is tall and thigh wide. When it rains, the caliche can stop a four-wheel drive vehicle in its tracks. That said, it offers some of the best quail hunting in the world.

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Re: Shot Heard ‘Round the World

By on 2.13.06 | 9:31AM

Dave: I do indeed. But I"m a recovering lawyer. I know quite a few fellow-counsel I'd like to bag. Don't forget, I'm a very experienced hunter.

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Jack and George

By on 2.13.06 | 9:29AM

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that the "Abramoff and Bush" photo isn't quite the smoking gun the left was hoping for and the press touted it to be. It's such a strain to spot Abramoff in the background that Time had to circle his tiny head. Which isn't to say there may be more out there. I'd be surprised if there weren't Jack and George grip-and-grin photos in existence. But if there are, the press probably doesn't have them: they're going to lead with their best shot, and at this point Abramoff looks like the goofy cousin who snuck into the family photo.

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Outsourcing the UN

By on 2.13.06 | 7:56AM

A report yesterday said that Kofi Annan was preparing to oursource and "privatize" many of the functions of the UN Secretariat. We expect to receive reports that the Gottis, Gambinos and Profaccis are all preparing bids. If one of the Families were to win the contract, there would be certain improvements in UN operations. Their practice is superior to the UN's in at least one respect: they hold employees responsible for job performance.

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Re: Shot Heard Round the World

By on 2.13.06 | 6:36AM

Wlady, since hunting's a sport, and shooting from the backseat window isn't sporting, the situation you describe is a plutocratic exercise, not hunting. I'm not sure about the laws in Texas or even my adopted home of Virginia, but I know that in Montana shooting from the backseat window is not only unsporting, it's illegal.

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Shot Heard Round the World

By on 2.13.06 | 12:30AM

"Some Cheney critics pointed out that this is not the first Cheney hunting controversy," the Washington Post notes in taking pot shots of its own at Dick Cheney in its report today on the accidental shooting of Harry Whittington this past weekend. So going duck hunting with Antonin Scalia is the equivalent of a near-tragic accident? Better yet, the Post ends it story by giving the last word to two anti-hunting activists. (Incidentally, just who were those "Cheney critics" the story refers to but makes no effort to identify in any shape or form?)

More interesting was, which on its home pages linked to an AP report via this headline: "Vice president accidentally shoots fellow hunter." In its view it was, in short, a sporting mishap.

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Syrian-Iraqi Border — New Reports

By on 2.12.06 | 11:32PM

Speaking Monday with source from Beirut who is just returned from the Syrian-Iraqi border, where he found U.S. force commanders reporting a sharp drop in jihadists infiltrating from Syria to Iraq. No single explanation. Speculation includes remarks that the Syrians are training the jihadists at Syrian bases; also it is possible that there is a seasonal lull in jihad recruiting. Also it is possible that the Sunni clans that live on smuggling and robbery are weary or pacified or cooperating with Baghdad pay-offs.

Note that Zarqawi has been on air since the Amman attacks of last November. Zarqawi said to be reorganizing. The Zarqawi program in Iraq has now been exported to other theaters, such as Top in Southeast Asia.

Note also that Saddam Hussein and his fellow accused beginning hunger strike. Not unusual. Regime henchmen live in denial, transform themselves into victims. Iraq choosing new cabinet means that there is now someone to hang Saddam Hussein quickly. However, it is not a deep tradition in the ummah to execute rival sheikhs.

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