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Why Obama WH Criticism of Trump’s Nuclear Proposal Isn’t Credible

By on 4.1.16 | 11:35PM

Let me state that at the outset that I don't agree with Donald Trump's proposal that Japan and South Korea should develop their own nuclear weapons given our existing security arrangements with the two countries.

White House Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes stated, "It would be catastrophic were the United States to shift its position and indicate that we support somehow the proliferation of nuclear weapons to additional countries."

Yet given the eagerness and enthusiasm with which the Obama Administration entered into a nuclear agreement with Iran, Rhodes' statement is lacking in credibility. Should Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf Arab states develop nuclear weapons then the Iran nuclear deal will have served as its primary impetus.  

Even if it less than ideal for Japan and South Korea to develop nuclear weapons if given the choice of countries I'd like to see to develop such systems which countries would you rather see enrich uranium? I would suggest that most people would place Japan and South Korea much higher than Iran.

Obama White House Censors French President Hollande Over Use of Term “Islamist Terrorism”

By on 4.1.16 | 10:50PM

The Obama Administration is notorious for its refusal to link terrorism with Islam in any way, shape or form and have banned terms such as Islamic terrorism.

Evidently, heads of state aren't allowed to utter those words in the same sentence.

During a bilateral meeting between President Obama and French President Francois Hollande in DC today, the White House saw fit to silence the audio during Hollande's use of the term "Islamist terrorism" and even the English language interpreter saw fit not to translate those words.

Outside of Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, no Western head of state understands the Islamist nature of terrorism better than President Hollande given the attacks on Charlie Hebdo, Hyper Cacher and, of course, the attacks in Paris last November. 

When Hillary Clinton Yells at Someone The Media Barely Makes a Sound

By on 4.1.16 | 3:43PM

Hillary Clinton really lost her cool with a Greenpeace activist yesterday who asked her during a campaign stop at SUNY Purchase if she would reject campaign contributions from fossil fuel companies. Hillary angrily responded by repeatedly pointing at the questioner and saying, "I am so sick of the Sanders campaign lying about me. I am sick of it."

But when Hillary Clinton yells at someone, the media barely makes a sound.

To the extent the mainstream media is commenting about the incident, it is to suggest that Hillary was "justifiably annoyed" with the question.

We all know that if a Republican presidential candidate had behaved in that manner it would be top story in the world right now. The mainstream media has a vested interest in making Ted Cruz look bad when he acts goodly and Hillary Clinton look good especially when she acts badly.

Words Matter, Donald Trump, Even Yours

By on 3.31.16 | 4:50PM

Donald Trump may have cost himself some delegates or, at the very least, created an unnecessary headache over delegates, with his denouncement of his previous pledge to support the eventual nominee of the Republican Party.

South Carolina requires a loyalty pledge to be on their ballot, you see. And now Trump has officially reneged, stating unequivocally in the CNN Town Hall on Tuesday that he does not vow to support the nominee. This is a big problem for the state of South Carolina, and for the fifty delegates Trump won there.

Let’s state the obvious: Trump never meant it in the first place. Anyone who believed him was fooling himself and others. He wanted to win in South Carolina and, in Trump fashion, simply promised whatever convenient promise would get that win for him. It’s his modus operandi. Unfortunately for him, in South Carolina, a promise is actually a promise, and that may cost him

Ronnie Corbett, R.I.P.

By on 3.31.16 | 4:25PM

British comedian Ronnie Corbett, best known for being one half of The Two Ronnies, passed away today at the age of 85.

Although Corbett only stood five foot tall, he was a comedic giant especially when paired with Ronnie Barker. They met while working on The Frost Report alongside the likes of future Monty Python stars John Cleese, Graham Chapman and Michael Palin. Barker and Corbett were drawn to each other's working-class backgrounds and the fact they didn't have movie star looks. The Two Ronnies was one of Britain's most popular comedies during the 1970's and 1980's. Barker passed away in 2005.

Andy “Thunderclap” Newman, R.I.P.

By on 3.31.16 | 1:41PM

Andy "Thunderclap" Newman passed away yesterday at the age of 73. No cause of death has been released at this time.

Newman was the pianist in the band that bore his name. Thunderclap Newman was put together by Pete Townshend of The Who and his manager Kit Lambert. They were a motley mix to say the least. Although Speedy Keen looked like a prototypical rock singer, most bands did not have 15-year old lead guitarists. Thunderclap Newman did with Jimmy McCulloch (who would later be a part of Paul McCartney & Wings). As for Newman himself, his white hat, coke bottle glasses and suit made him look anything but rock 'n roll. But put them together and you have "Something In The Air", a Transatlantic hit in 1969 which still has something to say nearly half a century after it was recorded.

The band would break up in 1971, but Newman would revive Thunderclap Newman in 2007. Unfortunately, Keen and McCulloch had passed on. Now there will be a reunion in rock 'n roll heaven.

When He Gets It Right

By on 3.31.16 | 11:12AM

I’m not softening on the Donald, but I don’t mind conceding when he gets something right (even if he just stumbles on it by chance).

I’m amused by the thoughtless kerfuffle caused by his saying that if abortions were illegal the woman authorizing one should face legal consequences. And why not? In a moral society where abortions are treated as homicide, why should a woman who pays a doctor to kill her unborn child be treated any differently than a woman who pays a hit-man to kill her husband? In either case someone is deprived of life through her agency.

And the Donald stepped in a further progressive cow-pie when he said the father should not be punished. Mass fainting on the left. Doesn’t this jerk know that in the current progressive equation, women are always right and men are always wrong? Women are always victims, men are always the perps. Nail the guy who contributed to life and who legally has no say in whether an abortion takes place, but console the woman who authorized death. Insane, but it’s where we are now.  

My Friend Amanda Carpenter

By on 3.30.16 | 8:29PM

By now the story of the National Enquirer alleging Senator Ted Cruz had all those mistresses is almost old news. 

But before it passes, I want to say a word about someone who was “pixilated” in one photograph, alleging she was one of the Cruz amours.

Let me say a word here about my friend and CNN and Conservative Review colleague Amanda Carpenter. To say that this story was a real smear job of Amanda would be to understate. The former communications director for Senator Cruz, Amanda is someone I have gotten to know as a wonderful Mom, loving wife, and all around good person. We disagree about Donald Trump (hey, this is still America, yes?) and the CNN makeup people spend way too much time on her hair when they could be tending to mine. But other than that, I have not a bad thing to say of her, much less do I have the time to tolerate such an incredible piece of garbage.

The Hillary Clinton/David Brock File

By on 3.30.16 | 10:26AM

The newspapers and periodicals of this great nation are now reporting on the various strategies devised by Clinton Inc. to destroy the credibility of Bruno’s Republican and Democratic opponents. Invariably they cite our former employee, David Brock, as an authority on how Clinton Inc. might achieve its ends without resorting to car bombs or to kneecapping or to second story jobs. Yet, before David followed the money trail to Clinton Inc. his research pretty much agreed with that of the other AmSpec writers, to wit: David established that the Clintons have a long record of subverting the law, enriching themselves through criminal means, and following practices that are commonplace in Third World countries. Though these practices are rarely attempted in cities larger than Gary, Indiana.