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JPII and the Sovs

By on 3.3.06 | 5:55AM


Most persuasive: It was SOP for the KGB in its later days to contract out its dirty (and wet) work to the Bulgarians.

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Michael Brown and the Katrina Mess

By on 3.2.06 | 10:03PM

Human Events has former FEMA Director Michael Brown's impressions of the newly released tapes of President Bush on the pre-Katrina conference call. He claims that the tapes further show how he's been hung out to dry by the administration

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Re: Yaliban?

By on 3.2.06 | 3:58PM

Rep. Mike Pence is speaking about the Taliban at Yale on John Gibson's Fox News show at 5:10 p.m. (in a half hour)

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Defining “Ruins” Down

By on 3.2.06 | 3:35PM

Mickey Kaus zings the New York Times for hilariously alarmist reporting -- though he does extend them a bit of charity:

I'm not saying Bill Keller's** headline and lede writers were amping up the Iraq hysteria in order to manufacture another Tet. Maybe they just have no judgment or perspective.
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By on 3.2.06 | 3:29PM

So the Taliban's former deputy foreign secretary, one Rahmatulla Hashemi, is now enrolled at Yale. Which, of course, doesn't allow ROTC on campus. Nice to know how Yale lines up in the war.

A few questions occur: First, just how was Hashemi allowed into the country? How does an apparently unrepentant Taliban get a visa? Second, are there any others like him running loose? Third, does anybody at the Department of Homeland Security have anything to say about the answers to the first two questions?

Mr. Hashemi is quoted as saying, "I could have ended up in Guantanamo Bay. Instead I ended up at Yale.” What luck do other terrorists have getting here? And -- if we close Gitmo as Tony Blair, Kofi and the rest of the Kidz want us to do -- how many more will be admitted to Yale, Hahvahd and Princeton? And what scholarships will be available to them?

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Re: Newsflash

By on 3.2.06 | 3:13PM

Wlady: You suspect correctly. I was more than a twinkle in my mother's eye, however: The pro-abortion crowd would have called me a "fetus," while expecting mothers, children, and lovers of life would have called me an unborn baby.

Your point is well taken, though. I can't seem to find a good citation for this, but I have long understood that Agca got the pistol from the Bulgarian embassy. Is that a figment of my imagination or did I read that somewhere?

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Re: Newsflash: Soviets Tried to Kill JPII

By on 3.2.06 | 2:57PM

Dave: You probably weren't even alive when Mehmet Ali Agca shot John Paul on May 13, 1981. Ever since that date the mainstream press has done all it can to play down if not ignore entirely any Kremlin-KGB links to the near-assassination. For you it may now be a no-brainer that the Soviets were behind the effort, but I wouldn't be so quick to scoff at news of the Italian commission's latest findings. There's probably greater acceptance of Alger Hiss's communist ties among the mainstream media than serious agreement that the Soviets tried to murder the Polish pope.

Consider what was included -- i.e. not included -- in MSM obituaries of JPII last April. First, the New York Times on April 3, 2005:

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Iranian Navy threat

By on 3.2.06 | 2:48PM

British naval source tells me that Iran now posesses at least three German-built, most-silent, electric-powered submarines that are a threat to a carrier battle group in the Persian Gulf or Arabian Sea.

It also is said that the Iranians may have altered the German boats. I do not not know how the boats have been altered, nor do I know if aleration could include a missile launcher.

My guess of Iranian Navy deploying a submarined based missile threat is derivative of the Indian Navy threat that is reported to me.

Also, separately, I am told from a signals source that the Iranians are planning on achieveing a market-risk-scenario (therein lies the tale) that produces an $80-$100 barrel of oil to achieve their strategic power projection goals in the next years.

A 25% to 60% increase in oil from now will buy whatever boats are being shopped, not to rule out the Iranian Navy acquiring Black Sea Fleet hardware.

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Re: JetBlue: The Real Deal?

By on 3.2.06 | 2:30PM

A reader is alarmed that my bag made it onto the flight without me:

if it were me I would contact DOHS (doh !) and FAA at once with the details. Heads should roll.

That was a very, very bad thing that happened. That's so elementary it predates 9/11 by more than a decade. I can remember flights I took in Europeback in the 1980's where all baggage was removed from the plane, lined up on the tarmac and all passengers made to deplane and identify their bags. Unclaimed bag = no flight.

I had suspected this was a problem. I've now called TSA's press office for an answer. I'll let y'all know what I find out.

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