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DOD Spent Millions on Strippers and Booze

By on 5.29.15 | 3:02PM

The next time you ponder the defense budget, consider, beyond that they pay a ridiculous sum for things like toilet seats and hammers, that the people who get the DOD company credit card have some really fun weekends without you. Demand, as a taxpayer, that the next time they ask for a budget increase, or whine in front of a Joint Committee that they're going to have to force the brass sections of their marching bands to busk for cash in Dupont Circle, that they could have just avoided these problems by paying for their strippers with their own cold, hard cash.

According to Judicial Watch documents released today, the DOD has spent millions over the last several years in casinos, strip clubs and other exotic locales, as persons holding DOD corporate credit cards have used them to make personal - sometimes very personal - charges.

Obama Has Lost the Obama ‘Hope’ Poster Guy

By on 5.29.15 | 1:50PM

Somehow, despite all available evidence that there might be something odd about the overwrought media persona popping up around then-candidate Barack Obama in 2008, people are still, slowly, bizarrely, discovering that "campaign Barack" was a carefully crafted facade cocooning a mediocre public official. Celebrities have been abandoning the President as they've discovered he has a less-than-serious commitment to the kind of progressive ideals they all love and cherish. Progressives themselves have become so disillusioned with the reality of the Obama Administration, they're lining up behind Bernie Sanders.

We Are the World

By on 5.29.15 | 1:30PM

The results are stunning. A Rasmussen telephone survey suggests that more than a third of Americans voters, including a majority of Democrats, believe the rest of the world should help run America. At least that part of the rest of the world that can sneak past what we laughingly refer to as our borders.

Thirty-five percent of likely voters surveyed, including 53 percent of Democrats and 21 percent of Republicans, tell Rasmussen that illegal immigrants — citizens of other countries — should be allowed to vote in American elections if they can prove they live here and pay taxes. Sixty percent disagree. Five percent say they can’t work it out.

If this third-plus becomes a majority, would there be any reason to have borders, a flag, a national anthem, or various other anachronisms if America is simply whoever happens to be passing through at the moment? And would the word sovereignty become hate speech?

Déjà Paula

By on 5.29.15 | 1:24PM

Those made a bit queasy at the thought of Bill Clinton back in the White House with time on his hands and you-know-what in his heart need to read this long piece in the UK’s Daily Mail. It includes analysis from Paula Jones, who first came to national attention after declining to embrace what turned out later to be the executive branch.

Thoughts on Peter MacKay Leaving Canadian Politics

By on 5.29.15 | 1:10PM

Peter MacKay will announce today that he is leaving Canadian politics and will not seek re-election later this year.

Now most Americans might not know who Peter MacKay is except for those who read The New York Times in 2006 when it speculated that MacKay could be Condi Rice's beau when she visited with him in Nova Scotia. But I can assure you that this is pretty big news. MacKay is a key figure in conservative politics in Canada. His father Elmer was a prominent cabinet minister in Brian Mulroney's government in the 1980's and the younger MacKay would rise further becoming leader of the Progressive Conservative Party in 2003. Later that year the PCs would merge with Stephen Harper's Canadian Alliance to become the Conservative Party of Canada with Harper becoming leader. In early 2006, the Tories came to power under Harper, but MacKay has played a big role in the Tory government as Minister of Foreign Affairs, Defense and now Justice. His departure is a bigger blow than that of John Baird.

Hillary Clinton Spends a Lot of Cash on Pantsuits

By on 5.29.15 | 12:56PM

This morning, we learned that Bill Clinton won't accept an award from your organization unless you also offer him a cool half million for the Clinton Foundation — and it doesn't matter if your organization is doing the Lord's work of helping victims of the Indonesian tsunami, either, as supermodel Petra Nemcova found out when she tried to book the former President for her Happy Hearts Fund benefit, and offering him a lifetime achievement award that you present. In order to gladly and generously accept an award for his years of service to the cause of global relief, Bill Clinton wouldn't set foot on the stage for less than a $500,000 donation to a family fund that mostly keeps his family in posh NYC penthouses.

But How Do They Really Feel?

By on 5.29.15 | 11:28AM

Alert patriots don’t want to miss this panel of Egyptians pinning the tail on our donkey. One of the many delusional promises Barack Obama came to office on was that he would improve the standing of America across the world. Here’s just one example of how that’s working out.

The moderator here asks the obvious first question that would occur to any acute observer who has just heard Obama say that climate change is an “immediate risk to our national security,” to wit: “Is he insane?”

The only reasonable answer to this entirely reasonable question is, “Probably not clinically. But if he’s going to say things like this, he may as well be.”

The Supernumeraries

By on 5.28.15 | 5:24PM

George Pataki? GEORGE PATAKI!? Lord love a duck! Is there no end of these vanity candidates? Could there be any reason for this guy to run other than to be able to one day tell his great-grandchildren that he once ran for president? Or perhaps he’s convinced someone has to fill the Jon Huntsman role this cycle. (You remember Jon, the socially liberal Republican who got dozens of votes in the various primaries in 2012. And some of these voters weren’t related to him. It’s not Jon’s fault that he’s now too obscure even to be the answer to a Trivial Pursuit question.)

Pataki is the latest in a scrum of Republican candidates and possible candidates-to-be whose best chance of seeing the inside of 1600 is to get in line with the rest of the tourists. Pataki is charitably described at a “long shot.” Damn straight a long shot. Longer than the Apollo flights.

How I Came to Support The Death Penalty

By on 5.28.15 | 5:13PM

I read Ross' piece on Nebraska's decision to repeal the death penalty. It is well worth reading.

At a time when conservatives going from the pro to anti-death penalty column, I have gone in the opposite direction. Given my contrary nature, I suppose that isn't a surprise. More on this later.

Ross begins the article by telling the story of Nebraska GOP State Senator Colby Coash who went from being a supporter to an opponent of the death penalty after attending a gathering outside a prison where an execution was to take place and being turned off by the "tailgate party" atmosphere.

I agree that we ought to avoid celebrating a person's death, even a bad person who has committed evil acts. These occasions call for sobriety and somber reflection. Yet I don't see this as sufficient cause to abrogate the death penalty. The problem in this instance is within us, not with the law itself.

Bernie Sanders Is a ‘Rape Culture’ All on His Own

By on 5.28.15 | 4:31PM

In keeping with the way we journalists are supposed to write about sexual assault nowadays, I'm going to say in advance of the rest of this piece, these two words: trigger warning. Now, I'm not saying that in order to steel your backbone against the disgusting and potentially disturbing content I am about to deliver to you, lest you suffer mental distress; I'm saying that in order to steel your backbone against the fact that it's all coming from Bernie Sanders, and the very thought of "Bernie Sanders" and "fantasy" in the same sentence makes my ladyparts crawl up into my intestines a little bit and it will no doubt have a similar effect on you. If you're lucky. I assume you'll also have night terrors.