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By on 11.8.05 | 9:10PM

Kwame Kilpatrick is projected to lose in Detroit, as expected (and welcomed). And occassional TAS contributor Andrew Cline, editorial page editor of the Union Leader, posts this to a different website (where he's also an occassional contributor):

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AP Calling Kaine

By on 11.8.05 | 9:04PM

And though we're not in that business, it's hard to second guess that call: Kaine's up 52-46 with 91% reporting. That's 96,000 votes to recover. The local CBS affiliate just reported that Kilgore campaign officials are nowhere to be seen at the victory party location.

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By on 11.8.05 | 7:45PM

Kaine by 51 to 47 percent with 56% reporting.

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Fauquier Indicator

By on 11.8.05 | 7:41PM

Growing exurb county west of D.C., Fauquier, is for Kilgore by 53-44 with over 80% of precincts reporting, and with 43% turnout. Hopefully Fauquier's representative.

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Bright Spot

By on 11.8.05 | 7:19PM

Kilgore's down 53-45 with 36% of precincts reporting, but Arlington County turnout is below 9%.

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Checking Results

By on 11.8.05 | 5:58PM

If you'd like to check election results at the source tonight, here are the poll closing times (all EST) and links:

Virginia: 7 p.m.

New Jersey: 8 p.m.

NYC: 9 p.m.

California: 11 p.m.

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VA: In the Air

By on 11.8.05 | 5:23PM

There are few indications on how the race for governor will break tonight. Right leaning bloggers claim low NoVA turnout, and left leaning bloggers predict high NoVA turnout. We'll stay with this race throughout the night.

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