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Van Jones A Truther in 2002

By on 9.4.09 | 12:58PM

News: Van Jones was there at the beginning of the Truther movement.

Bruce F. Webster over at And I Still Persist alerts that there is still more pouring forth about Van Jones. It seems that in January of 2002 - mere months after 9/11- Van Jones signed onto a statement calling for a march on the San Francisco office of Senator Dianne Feinstein. Read this...Mr. Webster's site will lead you appropriately to the original source, keyed to us all by the folks at Gateway Pundit. Here also is the direct link to the original posting in case efforts are made to "disappear" this now hot site.

This is truly nutty stuff from the outer precincts inhabited by the tin foil brigades, beginning with demands for an investigation into the ties between Osama bin Ladin and then-President Bush.

But our man Van was right there at the the Truther takeoff. Does the Obama White House understand that Jones will be detracting from the POTUS health care speech to Congress?

We'll see.

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