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Mr. O’s Classroom

By on 9.4.09 | 3:06AM

President Obama, our part time teacher-in-chief, is back in his element and not even pre-K toddlers are safe from his teachable moment.

Mr. O’s Classroom
(apologies to the great Sam Cooke)
     By Asher Embry

Won’t learn much about history.
Won’t learn much biology.
But they’re gonna get ta hear a talk
From their Substitute, who’s named Barack,
‘Bout the wonderful world this could be.

Will he lecture on ObamaCare?
“Angry Mobs” of which kids should beware?
Spew some “facts” from climate savior Gore?
‘Splain his bringing Gitmo thugs ashore?

Should he show them what a trillion buys?
Will he teach them to apologize?
Judging lawsuits based on empathy?
Using words from Van’s vocab’lary?

How to demonize the CIA?
Ignore Iran and it will go away?
2 Tril. in deficits Obama missed;
Bet algebra’s not on his subject list.

If “O” teaches kids to scream and shout
When their Doc says “take those tonsils out,”
What a wonderful world this would be.

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