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When the merits just won’t do

By on 9.1.09 | 12:36PM

First we hear the chorus of "do it for Teddy!" as the new new reason to legislate a government takeover of from anywhere from one seventh to one sixth of our economy that is the health care delivery system.

Now, for their other Big Idea, "cap-and-trade" - which effectively moves another one-sixth of the economy under state control - the cry from Senate Democratic leadership, specifically Majority Whip Dick Durbin (IL), is Senate Majority to Bloomberg Television, "The president has urged us to do this so that we'll have credibility at Copenhagen," referencing the December confab at which the U.S. is expected to sign a Kyoto II treaty.

So much for that "end of the world!" thingy, I guess. We've got a conference to show Europeans Obama's not George Bush, standing up for sovereignty and energy security and other whimsies.

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