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Chavez Friend and Communist Lover Joe Kennedy May Seek Uncle’s Senate Seat

By on 8.28.09 | 6:28PM

Political pundits say former Rep. Joe Kennedy II (D-Massachusetts) may be in the running to be successor in the U.S. Senate to his leftist uncle Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Massachusetts) who died earlier this week.

Kennedy is a friend and ally of Hugo Chavez, who as Venezuela's head of state controls Petroleos de Venezuela SA which in turn controls the U.S.-chartered CITGO.

Just like Uncle Ted, Joe Kennedy is a communist enabler too.

At the direction of Chavez, CITGO provides low-cost fuel to Kennedy's nonprofit, Citizens Energy Corporation, which he created in 1979 to provide discounted home heating oil to low-income people in Massachusetts. The CITGO effort is part of Venezuela's campaign in the U.S. to put a smiley face on Chavez's iron-fisted rule.

In one TV ad about the fuel oil program, Kennedy praised CITGO and condemned U.S. oil companies and the U.S. government: "Some people say it's bad politics to do this. I say it's a crime against humanity not to because no one - no one - should be left out in the cold."

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