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What’s it all about, Barry?

By on 8.28.09 | 5:35PM

Well, lookee here: EIA has updated the numbers, and U.S. CO2 emissions are plummeting. In 2008, they dropped all the way back down to about 2001 levels. So far through 2009, emissions are on track to drop even further - likely to 1999 levels.

We signed Kyoto in November 1998, notwithstanding media confusion about that in theri anti-Bush struggle.

Since then, emissions have turned around - and it's cooling. [So what if this GHG-emissions reduction was accomplished the old-fashioned (and only proven) way - economic recession, and not recession-inducing energy rationing that Kyoto favors and cap-and-trade denands?] 

So, can we declare victory and call our "climate envoy" (really) home? Of course, this dangerous cooling -- at this rate it will kill us all! -- cooling started well before the decline in emissions...ahem...but I'm willing to eschew claiming that one caused the other, no matter how much traction the even more specious claims about emission increases driving temperature have in this context.

Or is it really necessary to "spread the wealth around" to those countries whose emissions are rapidly rising?

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