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Sheila Jackson Lee Is A Liar, And Not A Convincing One At That

By on 8.13.09 | 7:03PM

Queen Sheila, known more informally as haughty Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas), doesn't even have the decency to apologize for gabbing away on her cellphone during a healthcare townhall meeting and ignoring a concerned woman who was asking her a question.

In the video immediately below, audience members can be heard saying of Her Majesty "she's not even listening" and "seriously, I mean, come on, dude!"

In a rambling, incoherent, contradictory answer to CNN's Rick Sanchez, Her Majesty seemed to dismiss the suggestion that her behavior, captured on video, was rude at all.

"Townhall meetings are by their very nature informal," she told CNN's Rick Sanchez in a reassuring tone. 

She also offered alternate versions of what really happened, throwing them out there to see what might stick.

The video might have been doctored, she said.

Her Majesty also contradicted herself saying she was calling a help line to help her better answer a question.

There you have it: 1) she did it but it was to help her answer 2) she didn't do and the video is a hoax.

The Queen can do no wrong.

(Hat tip: Matthew Balan of NewsBusters)

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