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Re: Quiet Man

By on 11.25.05 | 4:29PM

Dave: But that is one of the few objectionable parts of an otherwise great movie. It is paralleled in several others O'Hara starred in with Wayne. "The Quiet Man" wasn't at all about reviving Wayne's manhood. The point was that it takes more of a man to restrain himself in the face of trivial provocations than it does to fight and perhaps kill over things that don't matter. And when the Duke throws her around (or, in other movies, e.g. McClintock, in which he not only spanks her but instructs his prospective son in law on how to spank his daughter with a small metal shovel) he's indulging in an act that defines unmanliness: violence toward women. He'd have been much better to have booted her out the door and gone looking for a less bothersome match. I still maintain ol' Maureen was more trouble than she was worth.

But we started this whole mess around Babs Streisand. Talk about a woman who's more trouble than she's worth...

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