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By on 11.25.05 | 3:29PM

Though I am stirred by the ongoing Wlady/Jed exchange (keep it going, please), I respectfully submit that you both are missing the boat in terms of viewing material this weekend. ESPN Classic is running and re-running Ringside: Top Ten Heavyweights, an evaluation of the greatest heavyweight champions in history, featuring the inimitable Bert Randolph Sugar. Don't ask me what happened to my afternoon plans. And I've seen almost all of this stuff many times.

Incidentally, Sugar's top three are: Joe Louis, Muhammad Ali, Jack Dempsey. Much as it pains me, I'd have to invert those first two. I think Ali would have beaten them all in his prime. But for my own pleasure (and perhaps the good of the country), it would have been nice to see Dempsey tangle with him in a phone booth.

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