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A Spraypainted Swastika Suddenly Appears

By on 8.11.09 | 11:37PM

Remember Rep. David Scott (D-Georgia)?

He's that liberal lawmaker who made a fool out of himself by angrily attacking a constituent of his who dared to ask a healthcare-related question at a public meeting. A few days later the lawmaker tried to deflect criticism over his temper tantrum by suggesting race had something to do with the national healthcare debate. Scott's got a nasty temper. When I used to be a financial reporter covering House Financial Services Committee hearings, I got to see his outbursts from time to time.

And now a spraypainted swastika has suddenly appeared at Scott's district office in Smyrna. Scott is a victim, apparently, but who is the perpetrator?

I wouldn't be surprised if an investigation ultimately revealed that an ObamaCare supporter put the swastika there in an effort to paint the opposition to socialist healthcare as racist.

That's the kind of false flag operation Saul Alinsky would approve of, especially when a massive chunk of the U.S. economy was at stake. Weekly Standard blogger John McCormack also suggested hours ago that this might be a fake hate crime.

The timing on this seems all too convenient.

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