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What Must Christopher Buckley Be Thinking?

By on 7.25.09 | 12:45PM

Is he still confident that Obama will govern from the economic center as he stated in his self-congratulatory "apology" to Mum and Pup before the election?

Update:  A comment on this post led me to find this from Buckley:

Much as I admire President Obama, I believe with something approaching certainty that his spending will bring this country to its knees. "Sustainability" is all the rage as a buzzword, but a $3.6 trillion budget is not "sustainable." Doubling the national debt is not "sustainable." Inaction in the face of $77 trillion in unfunded liabilities (Social Security, Medicare, entitlements) is not "sustainable." This is math, not ideology.

I wonder why he ever thought a former community organizer would take a different tack.

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