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No Obama Apology

By on 7.24.09 | 5:07PM

Not apologizing for his crystal clear charge that Sergeant James Crowley and the Cambridge Police Department "acted stupidly,” Obama today said: “In my choice of words, I unfortunately gave the impression that I was maligning” them.

No Obama Apology
By Asher Embry

As O has gone around the world
Apologies he’s often hurled.
Ashamed of things he thinks we’ve done;
Expressed regrets to everyone.

But when the guilty one is him
No “pardon” goes to Sergeant Jim.
Says Cambridge cops act "stupidly”
A word not meant “maligning”-ly.

And what of Skip’s false charge of race
Does O think Gates behaved off base?
Perhaps it should have tipped Obama
That Gates made taunts at Crowley’s mama.

A “teaching moment” this might be;
Which O could use much more than we.

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