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By on 7.22.09 | 4:12PM

Four days after CBO Chief Doug Elmendorf’s cost analysis torpedoed the central argument supporting Democrats’ health care plans, he was invited for a casual (and highly unusual) “discussion” with Obama at the White House. 


By Asher Embry

Obama Monday chose to throw
A party for the CBO.
A casual affair was that
A few close friends to “chew the fat.”
(There’s surely nothing wrong with that.)

Doug Elmendorf could not refuse
The chance to sit with O and schmooze
And talk of kids and “Honest Teas”
And other mundane pleasantries.
(And not a word ‘bout broken knees.)

And, yes, the talk soon got around
To health care and the costs Doug found.
Obama asked to hear his views
Perhaps he’d missed them in the news.
(Hey, wait; could this have been a ruse?)

We know O’s plan is looking grim;
But summon Doug to lean on him?
Un-Presidential, crude, and vile
To still behave Chicago-style.

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