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Space Duty

By on 7.20.09 | 10:05AM

One of the two toilets on the international space station broke down on Sunday (with more astronauts than ever before -- 13 in all -- aboard). A Belgian and an American bravely suited up in goggles, masks, and gloves to attempt the repairs.

Space Duty   
By Asher Embry

Just one toilet remains.
“Rocket scientist” brains
Now are forced to repair
That important spot where
Everyone in the place
Does their business in space.

A crowd of 13’s all it takes;
And, sure enough, the toilet breaks.

And as everyone knows,
When the head overflows
Best just put up a sign
And get set for a line.

Things have sure gotten rough
Just to show “The Right Stuff.”
It’s “one small step for man”
When repairing the can.

But it’s really a hero
(When gravity’s zero)
Who puts tight goggles on
And tries fixing the john.

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