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Blue Dogs React to House Democratic Health Care Bill

By on 7.14.09 | 6:08PM

Rep. Mike Ross, has released a statement on behalf of Blue Dog Democrats reacting to the House Democrat's health care bill, which I'd categorize as neither supportive nor dead set against -- in fact, it doesn't really address the bill specifically. The moderate Blue Dogs hold the key to whether the legislation will pass -- liberal Democrats will get behind this bill, and it's so extreme that few, if any, Republicans will vote for it.

Here's Ross:

"The skyrocketing cost of health care is not only bankrupting American families and businesses;
it is leading this country down a path to fiscal disaster. We can never balance the federal budget
again without reforming the system to hold the growth of health care costs to the rate of inflation.

"The Blue Dogs are committed to passing health care reform. However, reform that does not meet
the President's goals of substantially bringing down costs is not an option.

"Over the past several months, Blue Dogs have put forth substantive policy proposals aimed at
achieving this objective, and we look forward to working through the legislative process to
incorporate these cost cutting measures."

Last week, 40 Blue Dogs signed a letter coming out against a strong government-run plan, which the House bill includes, so make what you will of Ross's decision not to mention it.

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