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By on 7.10.09 | 6:10PM

I keep asking, to whom do I send flowers when the global warming industry trots out Al Gore to do their bidding? Today's gem only reinforces that. The gift that keeps on giving, this guy.

Now, I must say that someone I know, a high-flying type with whom I do not see eye-to-eye at all on these things, told me of a recent meeting he had with a philanthropic organization bearing the name of a great American entrepreneur (and now tied to all sorts of Moonbat causes, as so often happens by the third generation). He said they complained how really need to find a way to get around, or at least get the public to ignore, Gore as his shtick is killing them.

FWIW I volunteered that it's hard to ignore the guy with $300 million bucks. My colleague shrugged and said that some group that William Reilly is working with has a billion, and some other group half of that again (sorry I'm sketchy on the details, he said this to me 2 months ago at a reception). Not vouching for it. Just passing it along.

But all of this gives me pause to ask again as I've also asked before, who sees such value in pushing for this agenda, global-governance or otherwise, to pony up that sort of cash?

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