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P on Virginia

By on 7.8.09 | 1:23PM

Two weeks from now, Virginia plans to close 18 "rest stops" along its highways -- a measure somebody figures will save the cash-shy state some $9 million a year. A lot of toilet paper, and a lot of torture for travelers unfortunate to be traveling Virginia highways.

Notably, the closings will leave northbound motorists without public toilets on the l06-mile stretch of I-95 from Richmond to Washington, D.C. There seems no standard for spacing between stops, but the Jersey Turnpike has one every 20 miles and the stretch of I-95 between Richmond and the District is more often than not so congested it is a crawl.

It is now left for some enterprising bumper sticker maker to create the obvious, a sticker that proclaims, with literal intent:


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