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Now That You Mention It…

By on 7.7.09 | 9:55PM

It strikes me -- as I watch at least a few among the media prompted into navel-gazing by a letter in the WaPo by an aunt of a deceased Army Lieutenant, killed in Afghanistan on the same day that Michael Jackson passed in slightly less heroic circumstances -- that outrage over the, ahem, "news" media's obsessively distracted and perverse publication and production decisions should continue until they get their act together.

Our soliders are ignored because the media simply cannot bring themselves to tell us these warriors' and patriots' stories (except in ways that fit the media narrative), the media having decided that they cannot reconcile that and our nation's current struggles with their own politics, agendas and sensationalist impulses.

Think about this lieutenant and his comrades, deceased, wounded, returned intact and still battling, with each pile-on of global warming porn and ask yourself what's wrong with these people. 

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